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Dominique Heintz
German de
26 years
189 cm
11 hours ago

Dominique Heintz was born on 15 August 1993 in Neustadt an der Weinstraße and plays for Sport-Club Freiburg. He played for SV Herta Kirrweiler from 2000-2001, for 1.FC Kaiserslautern from 2001-2015, for 1. FC Köln from 2015-2018 and has played for SC Freiburg since 2018.

Current season 2019/20

With one assist, Dominique Heintz presently has the second-most in his team along with Mike Frantz, Nils Petersen, Philipp Lienhart and Christian Günter. The 26-year-old was in the starting line-up in all previous eight games of the season. Of these, he won four games with his club.

Last game

The 1.89m-tall defender played his last game on the 11th matchday of the 2019/20 season (10 November 2019). He was victorious over Eintracht Frankfurt while playing for SC Freiburg with a score of 1-0. He played as a defender throughout this entire game. In terms of total touches, the player with the shirt number 23 had 72 individual ball possessions, which is the highest amount of any player in the game. Furthermore, he had 14 tackle challenges in the last match. Of these, he was able to win eight. He was additionally able to make 48 successful passes. He covered a distance of 9.9 km during his total playing time in this game. In doing so, he had a total of seven sprints.

Bundesliga career and records

Dominique Heintz has played 139 matches throughout the course of his career in the Bundesliga. Of these, he has won 37. He has netted four goals during his appointments in the Bundesliga. So far, Dominique Heintz has completed 42 matches with his present squad. Here, he has scored a total of one goal.