Bundesliga Stats 2023-2024

Shot Speed

Shot Speed is the latest Match Fact that instantly shows how fast a shot was hit, whether scored or saved.

Ball Recovery Time

Ball Recovery Time is a new Match Fact that describes with accuracy down to the second how quickly a team recovers the ball after losing it.

Keeper Efficiency

Keeper Efficiency is based on xSaves, which in turn is in accordance with the Expected Goals (xGoals) model. xSaves reveals the probability of a shot on goal being saved. If the number of successful saves a goalkeeper makes in a certain period exceeds the cumulative xSaves value of shots on their goal, this goalkeeper has positive Keeper Efficiency.

Win Probability

This Match Fact emphasises notable swings in the chances of a team winning their respective match throughout the 90 minutes of game play. It is based on action from the game, including the difference in goals, the time remaining, and other relevant team statistics.

Shot Efficiency

Shot Efficiency compares the number of goals a player or team in fact scored with the cumulative goal probability of all chances created to show how clinical they were in attack.

Passing Profile

Fans can now know more about the passing decisions of a player or a team, providing inside into the quality and the direction of passes, as well as seeing the frequency of the type of passes, such as attacking, back or long.

Attacking Zones

This Match Fact visualises the areas in which teams enter the final third of the field when attacking, dividing this area into four equally-sized vertical zones.

Most Pressed Player

This statistic rates the pressure on a player in possession and determines how often a particular player is put under significant pressure by the opposing team. It is possible to determine which players on a team are put under pressure particularly often in relation to their teammates.

Average Positions: Trends

In an enhancement of 'Average Positions', 'Average Positions: Trends' allows the formations used during particular phases of matches to be compared, with options also for phases with and without possession.

xGoals and Expected Goals

The expected goal model shows the probability of scoring each goal. This can be used to measure the efficiency of a player or a team when scoring a goal.

Speed Alert

The Speed Alert provides the maximum speed of the players in each game. At the same time, an editorial classification is carried out in order to filter out the best values. In the live match updates, there is an update of the three fastest players in the game after the 30th and 90th minute of each game. There is also a ranking of the fastest players of the season in the statistics section.

Average Position

The Average Position provides the average positions of the players on the pitch in real-time so that these are more recognisable and changes over the course of a game can be traced. The data is calculated using around 3.6 million data points per game.

Set Piece Threat

Set Piece Threat quantifies a team’s threat posed by a free-kick or corner by comparing the team to the league average. This BMF goes beyond distinguishing between goal or no goal but also evaluates the quality of the chance and the shot itself.


The new Skill Match Fact combines and compares the cumulative stats of every Bundesliga player to assess their skills across different categories. The stat features four player profiles: a “Finisher”, a “Sprinter”, an “Initiator”, and a “Ball Winner”.

Pressure Handling

This Match Fact highlights players who are performing exceptionally well when under pressure by the opposing team. The central metric is the escape rate, which highlights how often a player breaks out from these high-pressure situations while keeping possession of the ball for his own team – namely through dribbles, passes, goal kicks or by being awarded a set piece.