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DFL and AWS add Keeper Efficiency and Ball Recovery Time to Bundesliga Match Facts


The DFL and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have announced the newest Bundesliga Match Facts (BMF) powered by AWS which will debut during Matchday 26.

Keeper Efficiency is based on xSaves, which in turn is in accordance with the Expected Goals (xGoals) model. xSaves reveals the probability of a shot on goal being saved. Each shot is analysed individually with regard to the trajectory of the ball, the distance of the shooter, the angle to the goal, and the precise position of the goalkeeper. This data is compared with data from around 20,000 past shots on goal in the Bundesliga. On this basis, the probability that the goalkeeper will make a save is calculated in real time. Keeper Efficiency is the cumulation of individual values: If the number of successful saves a goalkeeper makes in a certain period exceeds the cumulative xSaves value of shots on their goal, this goalkeeper has positive Keeper Efficiency.

Watch: New Bundesliga Match Fact - Goalkeeper Efficiency

Ball Recovery Time is a new Match Fact that describes with accuracy down to the second how quickly a team recovers the ball after losing it. An algorithm automatically tracks which team is in control of the ball. When the team loses possession, it measures how long it takes them to recover the ball. Ball Recovery Time must be seen in the context of a team's strategy and the stage of the match. For example, some teams try to recover the ball as quickly as possible, while the tactic of other teams is to allow their opponents possession and wait for chances to counterattack. The time remaining within a match and the scoreline can also influence whether a team is more likely to press or hang back.

Watch: New Bundesliga Match Fact - Ball Recovery Time

Since the start of 2020, the DFL and AWS have collaborated on numerous projects, including the use of data analytics. The partnership has enabled the live processing of data into innovative statistics, resulting in Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS. They can help audiences better understand the performance and game strategy of teams and offer deeper insights into the performances of their favourite players. Bundesliga Match Facts are made available on broadcasts, through the Bundesliga platforms and channels, as well as in the Bundesliga app.

The DFL generates Bundesliga Match Facts by gathering and analysing a total of 3.6 million data points from each game in real time, using a combination of AWS analytics and machine learning tools, as well as computing, storage, database, and serverless services. The new stats bring the total of Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS to 14, delivering a comprehensive set of real-time advanced analysis. The two new Match Facts join Pressure Handling, Win Probability, Set Piece Threat, Skill, Most Pressed Player, Attacking Zones, Average Positions: Trends, Shot Efficiency, Passing Profile, Speed Alert, Average Positions and xGoals.

Information on these statistics can be found in the BMF Zone on bundesliga.com.