Bundesliga Match Facts: DFL and AWS revamp 'Average Positions'


Since the start of 2020, the DFL Deutsche Fußball Liga and Amazon Web Services have collaborated on, among others, the area of data analysis. The partnership has enabled the live processing of data into innovative statistics, resulting in ‘Bundesliga Match Facts powered by AWS’, a feature available to broadcasters and fans during matches. With the introduction of ‘Average Positions: Trends’, a Bundesliga Match Fact is being further developed for the first time.

In cooperation with AWS, the DFL introduced the Bundesliga Match Fact: ‘Average Positions’ during the 2019/20 season. This shows the average real-time positions of the players on the pitch, which are often vastly different from the original formations on paper.

The Match Fact has now been given a logical update. Previously, it was only possible to view the ‘Average Positions’ there and then (usually 10-15 minutes into a live TV broadcast, or throughout the game on the Bundesliga App). ‘Average Positions: Trends’ can now show real-time formations live and after the game - and even covering any period in the match.

In a feature unique across Europe’s top leagues, Bundesliga broadcasters are now able to select for themselves a period of the game and thus identify tactical trends at a glance: How has the formation of a team changed after taking the lead or having a man sent off? What were the tactical results of switching a forward for a central defender? What route did a team take in their efforts to score an equaliser in the closing stages of a match?

‘Average Positions: Trends’ can not only compare the formation of a team at different stages in the game, it can also contrast the tactical behaviours of a team with and without the ball. Similarly, the real-time formations of both teams at a specified stage in the game can also be compared.

The new and advanced Match Fact ‘Average Positions: Trends’ offers a wide range of innovations for tactics fans, coaches, scouts and journalists, who will be able to retell their experiences of the game in a completely different light.