Bayern Munich attacker Serge Gnabry has nine goals and three assists in the Bundesliga this season. - © Mladen Lackovic via images/Lackovic
Bayern Munich attacker Serge Gnabry has nine goals and three assists in the Bundesliga this season. - © Mladen Lackovic via images/Lackovic

Bayern Munich attacker Serge Gnabry: "It's important for us to bounce back"


Serge Gnabry is having another memorable season for Bayern Munich, having already hit nine league goals. had an exclusive talk with the Germany attacker about his remarkable record against Cologne, a depleted squad, and why Robert Lewandowski and Manuel Neuer should win top FIFA awards. The restart after the winter break is not easy for Bayern - not even in terms of personnel. What's important during this period?

Serge Gnabry: "It's important for us to bounce back [after losing to Borussia Mönchengladbach on Matchday 18] - to get the three points and to get into a winning rhythm again. We did very well and played very well during the games before Christmas so we need to get back to that. I think everybody knows we had a lot of players missing last weekend but in the end, we still had the chance to win the game or at least get a point. It was too bad but for us and it will be very important to get three points on Saturday - no matter what."

Watch: Gnabry got a hat-trick against VfB Stuttgart on Matchday 16 Another big game will be against RB Leipzig on 5 February. They were tipped to challenge Bayern for the title before the season, but they've come up short. How do you rate them?

Gnabry: "Of course Leipzig have a great squad. A lot of talented individual players. This season, they have struggled so far but that doesn't mean that on game day, they are not ready to play. It's going to be a big game for us and also to increase our lead over Borussia Dortmund. We have to win, especially in the big games like against Leipzig. Hopefully by then we will have won all of our games and then get another three points against Leipzig." After a somewhat difficult phase in November and early December, you came back with an amazing performance against Stuttgart. What sort of period do you see yourself in at the moment?

Gnabry: "A good one, I would say. Obviously, the months in November - October, November - didn't go too well for me. I was out quarantining for corona - I mean as a contact person for corona. It kind of knocked me out of rhythm but then again, coming back I was eager to put on good performances and am eager to continue that way now."

The FIFA World Player will be chosen on 17 January. Robert Lewandowski has been nominated. Why do you think he deserves to win the award?

Gnabry: "I think for the last two years he was probably the most consistent player. In my eyes - obviously, he is my teammate - I would love for him to win it. I wish him all the best. In my eyes, he has been the most consistent. He has scored so many goals, which is incredible. He broke a couple records so I think he deserves it."

Serge Gnabry (l.) reckons his Bayern Munich teammate Robert Lewandowski (r.) deserves to win the Best FIFA Men's award for the second year running. - Armando Babani via images/Jan Huebner The FIFA World Goalkeeper will be announced on the same day. Manuel Neuer is nominated. Why do you think he deserves to win the award? 

Gnabry: "Because he's also an amazing goalkeeper. He has proven throughout the years that he is the best or the best that I have experienced. I can say that. In my eyes, he should also win it." One of the things you did over the Christmas holidays was to watch an NBA game in Miami. What was the experience like and where does your enthusiasm for basketball come from?

Gnabry: "I took a trip to Miami just before Christmas. I was able to see the Heat game against the Indiana Pacers. I really enjoyed going there. For me, it's always nice to see a sporting event and not be the one on the pitch. Just chilling, relaxing courtside, and seeing how the players are doing. How they get into their zone. Just taking away a couple things from their sport. Where [the interest] comes from? From development over the years. I like watching LeBron James and James Harden and all those guys, so whenever I can I always try to watch a game."