Jamal Musiala has been a roaring success at Bayern Munich, settling in as a key member of the first-team at just 18. - © DFL
Jamal Musiala has been a roaring success at Bayern Munich, settling in as a key member of the first-team at just 18. - © DFL

Jamal Musiala on his best Bayern Munich moment so far, training with Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer and more


Jamal Musiala has been a breakout star of the 2020/21 Bundesliga season for Bayern Munich, becoming the youngest player in league history to score six goals while also writing his name in history as the club's youngest ever UEFA Champions League scorer.

The recently capped Germany international sat down with bundesliga.com after scoring his first Bundesliga brace against Wolfsburg to discuss his best moment at the club so far, winning a league title at 18, why training against Manuel Neuer makes scoring in games easier and more...

bundesliga.com: With what feelings do you look back on your first professional season, especially the past games - and which moment was the most beautiful so far?

Jamal Musiala: "I think so far, my most beautiful moment was my goal against Lazio, that was a really big moment because I've been watching the Champions League since I was really, really young and just to get a goal and be second or third-youngest knockout goal scorer in the Champions League is just an honour for me and my family and I was just really happy when I scored that and just a really big moment for me."

bundesliga.com: And which moment was the most beautiful in the Bundesliga so far?

Musiala: "For the Bundesliga, I think the goal against Wolfsburg with my head was a really good moment for me because it's not one of my strong suits and I was just really shocked with myself and happy that it went in. And to get two goals in one game was also a special moment, so I was just really, really happy."

bundesliga.com: What has shaped you, which people have been decisive supports on your way up?

Musiala: "My Mum, my Dad, my family has always supported me since I was really young, always giving me advice, pushing me to do more and supporting me, even if I have bad games or feel a bit down, just keep supporting me and I think that has helped me a long way until now. I'm very thankful for what they've done for me and I just try to give back as much as possible."

bundesliga.com: In your first year as a professional, you are playing alongside the world footballer: What do you learn from Robert Lewandowski?

Musiala: "From Lewandowski, his mentality to keep wanting to score goals and keep pushing for more is what I can learn from and always giving me little tips on positioning and if I'm the 10, how we can play together and how to link up with one another. Little things that I can pick up and try to learn from a world-class player like Lewandowski is just an honour."

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bundesliga.com: You also come up against the World Goalkeeper of the Year in training on a daily basis. How hard is it to score against Manuel Neuer - and why?

Musiala: "It's not that hard. Nah, I'm joking, it's really hard because he knows what the players think and he is just an amazing goalkeeper, so you really have to try because he doesn't let any easy goals in. It makes it easier for us in the game because he's one of the best goalkeepers in the world and then to be able to practice against him, it feels like it's a bit easier in the games because it can't get harder than Manuel Neuer."

bundesliga.com: Others have been waiting their whole career to hold a league title in their hands, you could do so for the first time very soon, at the age of 18. What feelings does that trigger in you?

Musiala: "It's a great moment, an amazing experience as well. For me, it wasn't really a Champions League win for me because I didn't really play but I was part of the team and I hope that the next time we win it, I'll really be part of the team and play and help the team win it. That's my mentality, just to keep pushing forward, not that I've won the Champions League but technically I didn't, so I just want to keep pushing forward and hopefully win another Champions League and I'll probably be a bit happier. But it was an amazing experience for me and I just took everything and was really happy."