Timo Werner vs. Robert Lewandowski a veritable clash of the titans: - © 2019 DFL
Timo Werner vs. Robert Lewandowski a veritable clash of the titans: - © 2019 DFL

Timo Werner vs. Robert Lewandowski: how do the RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich strikers stack up?

It is the veritable clash of the titans: the Bundesliga scoring king Robert Lewandowski and the newest contender to his crown Timo Werner go head-to-head when Bayern Munich travel to RB Leipzig on Matchday 4.

Lewandowski has nigh on perfected the art of goalscoring, showing dumbfounding ability to hit the target from any range and any angle, and at an extraordinary rate of consistency.

Werner's own eye for goal has become so sharp, the 23-year-old Germany international already has five to his name this season - just one short of the Pole he will be aiming to axe when the Bundesliga resumes following the first international break of the season.

So how do the two sharpshooters compare? bundesliga.com has run the microscope over both to evaluate their sublime strengths.

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Lewandowski: Who says footballers slow with age? Lewandowski has reaped the rewards of his own discipline and attention to detail in every form of his training and nutrition to ensure his speed has not deteriorated. Like Cristiano Ronaldo, who was this year clocked as the quickest player in Italy at the age of 34, Lewandowski - three years the Portuguese's junior - is not one to be caught lagging behind, with a top speed of 21 miles per hour ensuring that only Kingsley Coman is faster in a Bayern shirt.

Werner: Turbo Timo would leave Lewandowski in his tracks, however. In 2018/19, he ranked in the top ten of the fastest players in the Bundesliga, clocking a speed trap-busting 21.77 mph on one of his many bursts forward. Werner is not just fast in reaching the ball, though. His blistering pace on the ball is one of his most lethal weapons, and one of the main reasons why he has scored 55 goals in 95 Bundesliga outings for Leipzig.

With and without the ball, Timo Werner is one of the quickest players in the Bundesliga - 2019 Getty Images


Lewandowski: When Bayern are on the attack, Lewandowski's exceptional positioning and spatial awareness mean that he is often perfectly placed to sweep the ball home. That is only half of the job, however, and the most important part is what the Pole excels at: providing the finish. Lewandowski is comfortable shooting with either foot and he also has great aerial presence, which is why he rarely requires the extra touches that some forwards need to get the ball into a better shooting position – for Lewangoalski, any position will do.

Werner: One way of gauging a forward's finishing ability is the Expected Goals (xG) method, and this works in Werner's favour. Moving onto five goals from the opening three games of the season, Werner was at his clinical, opportunistic best in Leipzig's 3-1 win at Borussia Mönchengladbach, bagging his treble from an xG of just 0.67. In layman terms, that basically means Werner was being extremely efficient in putting away his chances. Simplifying things even further, Werner has had 11 shots at goal this season and five of them have ended up in the back of the net. Impressive.

Give Robert Lewandowski a sniff of goal and you can be sure that he will put the ball away. - AFP/Getty Images


Lewandowski: One of Lewandowski's early coaches in Poland expressed concern about his delicate frame and stick-thin legs, which shows just how far he has come in terms of his physique. During his Dortmund days, he was given the nickname 'The Body', having spent countless hours in the gym to improve his strength and gain an advantage out on the pitch. Lewandowski's dedication to his fitness and wellbeing means that he has never suffered a serious injury, and has only missed 16 Bundesliga matches in over nine seasons.

Werner: Although just under an inch shorter than the Pole, Werner almost matches him in body mass, weighing in just seven pounds lighter. His upper-body strength allows him to hold off his marker and the rest of his strength comes from up top - in his head. Mentally tough and robust, Werner does not know the meaning of a lost cause and the worst thing a defender can do when Werner's around is believe they are in control of the situation, since the Leipzig goal-getter is invariably eyeing his opportunity and preparing to muscle in to create - and take - another chance.

Try as hard as you can, it will take something special to out-muscle Bayern Munich forward Robert Lewandowski. - 2019 Getty Images


Lewandowski: One of the many weapons in Bayern's attacking arsenal is the long ball over the top. Rather than standing on the last defender, though, a feature of Lewandowski's game is his ability to burst from deep and time his run to avoid the offside trap. A superb reader of the game and so aware of his surroundings, this, allied with his precise movement, provide the perfect platform from which Lewandowski wreaks havoc. He picks his moments superbly when he notices a teammate is ready to find him with a pass, and it certainly helps Bayern's wingers and midfielders to know that delivery into the danger area is almost inevitably going to be gobbled up by Lewandowski.

Werner: Werner's role in the Leipzig team differs starkly from Lewandowski's at Bayern, albeit with the same end product: goals. Happier to drop off deep and, more often than not, pull out wide to receive the ball, the 23-year-old already wears the No.11 jersey - a shirt number typically given to wingers - rather than the No.9 shirt for centre forwards. Very few players are able to marry running at opposition defenders with the ball with an end product - be it a short pass, cross or direct goal. Yet it's exactly the sort of play that has propelled Werner into the limelight. Why risk him being suffocated in the centre of the park when he could be having his wicked way down the wing? The key thing is, Leipzig know where to find him.

Timo Werner is always ready to pounce on goal. - Boris Streubel/Bundesliga/DFL via Getty Images

Conclusion: In a nutshell, Lewandowski is the complete striker, combining with his attacking midfielders, holding up play, taking on defenders, latching onto balls over the top, playing on the ground or in the air and, most importantly, scoring goals of all shapes and sizes. While boasting different characteristics, such as lightning pace, dribbling skills, versatility and a clinical touch in front of goal, Werner is the best of his playing style in the Bundesliga, and possibly Europe.