"Im telling you, man - you're the real deal!" Filip Kostic (l.) has no doubt that Eintracht Frankfurt teammate Luka Jovic (r.) can become one of the best strikers in Europe. - © 2019 Getty Images
"Im telling you, man - you're the real deal!" Filip Kostic (l.) has no doubt that Eintracht Frankfurt teammate Luka Jovic (r.) can become one of the best strikers in Europe. - © 2019 Getty Images

"Luka Jovic will become the best striker in Europe" - Eintracht Frankfurt's Filip Kostic

Filip Kostic has told bundesliga.com that Eintracht Frankfurt and Serbia teammate Luka Jovic has the potential to become the best striker in Europe.

Hamburg loanee Kostic was one of the unsung heroes of Frankfurt's remarkable campaign which saw them reach the UEFA Europa League semi-finals and finish seventh in the Bundesliga to secure another season of continental football. It was 21-year-old striker Jovic, however, who stole the headlines with his team-leading 27 goals in all competitions.

Having recently been rewarded for his own eye-catching haul of 10 goals and 13 assists with a permanent Frankfurt deal, Kostic shared his thoughts on a season to remember with bundesliga.com...

bundesliga.com: It was your first year in Frankfurt. What are your impressions of the club? What makes it so special?

Filip Kostic: "This was my first season in Frankfurt and also my favourite overall! As a team, we are strong; the mood is good; we are friends on the pitch and also off it; we have great fans… all of this contributed to our success this season. It was very important.”

bundesliga.com: You've since signed a permanent deal with Frankfurt...

Kostic: "Yes I signed. My contract consisted of a two-year loan deal. However, when the club moved to buy after the first year, it was a sign that I had performed well. That we had had an impressive season and that I had, personally, impressed as well. I made it. I'm staying in Frankfurt and I'm incredibly pleased."

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bundesliga.com: What was your highlight of the season?

Kostic: "There were several during the season but the matches against Inter and Benfica stand out because of how we fought to reach the semi-finals. The semi-final was also outstanding even though we were not able to reach the final. It will also be a cherished memory of mine. Therefore, those two games [Inter and Benfica] were special."

bundesliga.com: What was your favourite goal of the season and why?

Kostic: "There were many in all competitions. I scored ten goals, which is my best season in terms of goals scored. Possibly the goal [in the seccond leg of the Europa League quarter-final] against Benfica. It was the goal that gave us the lead, gave the team a boost, and increased our belief. We realised that we could do it and that is exactly what happened. The goal came at the right time and everything worked out wonderfully."

bundesliga.com: Who was your player of the season in the Bundesliga for 2018/19?

Kostic: There are several… however, in my opinion, the best player I have played with and in the Bundesliga would be Luka Jovic. The kid has incredible talent and has scored many goals – especially in crucial matches. I wish him all the best in his career. If he continues this way, he will most definitely become the best striker in Europe."

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bundesliga.com: You were at Stuttgart for three years, then moved to Hamburg. How does it feel to now be playing for a top side?

Kostic: "Of course there is a difference between fighting for the Champions League and fighting against relegation. They are not the same thing. There is a lot more pressure when fighting for survival. The players suffer a lot – myself included. I have been in Germany for five years. It was an important experience. Hopefully, it won’t be like that anymore and I can replicate my performances from this season on a continuous basis."

bundesliga.com: What are your expectations for the coming season?

Kostic: "For next season… maybe to qualify for the Europa league again and possibly achieve something even better. This team is capable of a lot. We are a strong team. We might even make it into the Champions League. That is my dream: to play in the Champions League with Eintracht. Hopefully, we will manage that."