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- © © gettyimages / Lintao Zhang

The Coach: Matchday proactivity can reap rewards

With Matchday 7 almost upon us, my latest tips may appear a slight gamble but should they pay off, you can rest easy as the Official Fantasy Bundesliga points start to flow in.

Chopping and changing early may pay dividends

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"What? You can do that?" is often the response I get when talking among fellow Official Fantasy Bundesliga enthusiasts about my Matchday tactics.

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I've already talked about manipulating the system in terms of formation, but what about when the weekend action gets underway? What advice can I lend that can help you pick up more points? Well I'm here to tell you!

The first suggestion is altering your line-up during the weekend. Leave the players featuring in the Saturday evening showdown, or the Sunday fixtures, on the bench. Then, should another player under perform, you can swap them out. Always wait for the official line-ups before making any alterations because once a player is out, there's no getting his points back.

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The second suggestion is not being so rigid with the captain's armband. It makes sense to give the armband to a Friday night player first. That way if he has a great night you've doubled up a strong points tally. If he doesn't you've got plenty of other players to give it to over the course of the weekend.

The key here is being active. After all it takes less than a minute to log on and make two clicks to make a substitution or give the captain's armband to a player more likely to score higher.