• Four-man backline could be beneficial.
  • Certain defenders have more points than some of the games's highest-scoring midfielders.
  • Five forwards on five league goals, but there are other striking options available.

As a big fan of a masterminds such as Carlo Ancelotti and Christian Streich, I’m sure I’m not to the only Official Fantasy Bundesliga player that fancies themselves a bit of a tactical whizz kid.

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I remember getting my first magnetic white board for Christmas at the age of ten and, much to the torment of my parents, spending countless hours playing Championship Manager during my youth. Little did they know that it would lead to a career being a fantasy football expert!

Goals trumped by surprise source of points

Successful challenges have become the most reliable source of points in the game. © DFL DEUTSCHE FUSSBALL LIGA

Tactics can win or lose games and it’s no different in the Official Fantasy Bundesliga. Considering that Germany’s top flight is one of the most goal-ridden leagues in world football, my initial logic was that a 3-4-3 formation would reap the most rewards going forward. However, six Matchdays into the 2016/17 campaign and I’m starting to rethink that decision.

Why you ask? Well, the two main reasons are that defenders are outscoring midfielders and challenges won have become the most reliable source of points on any given weekend. There are plenty of high-value players in the league that can get you off your seat exclaiming "my word, how on earth did he do that?", but the low-budget players that get stuck in actually have as much, if not more, fantasy value.

Four-man backline bonuses

FC Augsburg's Konstantinos Stafylidis is the highest-scoring defender in the game with 62 points. © DFL DEUTSCHE FUSSBALL LIGA

When you consider that there are three defenders who have outscored the two highest-scoring midfielders, Franck Ribery and Vincenzo Grifo, then a four-man backline starts to make more sense.

Using FC Augsburg’s Konstantinos Stafylidis, the top ranked fantasy defender with 62 points, as an example it’s clear to see that even a defender on the losing side can pick up points at a steady rate. Even if you take away the 12 points he’s accumulated for goals scored, he’d be the third-highest scoring defender in the game on account of the 33 points – yes you read that correctly – he’s racked up for challenges won.

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Do not neglect your strikers

Robert Lewandowski is one of five players on five league goals this season, but the FC Bayern München man does not come cheap!

While Stafylidis is one of the surprises of the season, it’s fair to say that a four-man backline could prove more beneficial. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should invest heavily at the expense of your frontline though. Five strikers have hit an enviable purple patch at the start of the season, but all of them cost over 10M.

Robert Lewandowski is leading the way but a trend that is starting to emerge is that more reasonably priced forwards, who may not score as often, but are tasked with providing the first line of defence can pick up points on a very consistent basis. Jhon Cordoba of 1. FSV Mainz 05 and RB Leipzig’s Yussuf Poulsen are proof of that. The points system in the Official Fantasy Bundesliga is fascinating and I’m hoping that what you’ve read here today will help you manipulate it to your advantage. Have fun making unlimited transfers - I know I am!

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