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Ondrej Duda | Playerprofile

Ondrej Duda
Slovak sk
26 years
181 cm
2 hours ago

Ondrej Duda was born on 5 December 1994 in Snina and plays for 1. FC Köln. He played for MFK Kosice from 2012-2014, for Legia Warschau from 2014-2016, for Hertha BSC from 2016-2020, for Norwich City FC from 2020-2020, for Hertha BSC from 2020-2020 and has played for 1. FC Köln since 2020.

Current season 2020/21

In this season, Ondrej Duda has scored two goals and takes third place within his squad. He shares this rank with Dominick Drexler, Sebastian Andersson, Jan Thielmann and Marius Wolf. The 1.81m-tall midfielder has been responsible for three assists up to now and is currently the most successful goal assistor in his squad. With 27 shots taken so far, he has had the second-most attempts on goal of any 1. FC Köln player. He has been responsible for 31 assists shot at the goal so far and therefore leads the statistics within his squad for this category. Ondrej Duda was in the starting line-up in all previous 22 games of the season. Of these, he won five games with his club.

Bundesliga career and records

The player with the shirt number 18 has played 81 matches throughout the course of his career in the Bundesliga. Of these, he has won 20. He has netted 14 goals during his appointments in the Bundesliga. Thus far, Ondrej Duda has completed 22 matches with his current squad. Here, he has scored a total of two goals.