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Ondrej Duda | Playerprofile

Ondrej Duda
Slovak sk
26 years
181 cm
2 days ago

Ondrej Duda was born on 5 December 1994 in Snina and plays for 1. FC Köln. He played for FC VSS Kosice from 2011-2014, for Legia Warschau from 2014-2016, for Hertha BSC from 2016-2020, for Norwich City FC from 2020-2020, for Hertha BSC from 2020-2020 and has played for 1. FC Köln since 2020.

Current season 2020/21

With seven goals in this season, the 26-year-old is not only the most successful scorer in his present squad, but has also assisted the most goals (four assists). He has taken more shots at goal than anyone else on the team (43 shots). He has been responsible for 42 assists shot at the goal so far and therefore leads the statistics within his squad for this category. The player with the shirt number 18 was in the starting line-up in all previous 29 games of the season. Of these, he won seven games with his club.

Ondrej Duda has suffered 52 fouls so far and shares eighth place in the league-wide statistics for this category with Grischa Prömel (1. FC Union Berlin) and Fabian Klos (DSC Arminia Bielefeld).

Last game

Ondrej Duda played his last game on the 31st matchday of the 2020/21 season (23 April 2021). Playing for 1. FC Köln, he won against FC Augsburg 3-2. He played as a midfielder throughout this entire game. In doing so, he scored two goals. He shot at the opponent's goal a total of five times, which is the highest amount of any player in the game. In terms of total touches, he had 59 individual ball possessions. Furthermore, the 1.81m-tall midfielder had 23 tackle challenges in the last match. Of these, he was able to win 13. During his total playing time in this game, he ran 13.1 km and thus covered a longer distance than all other players in the game. In doing so, Ondrej Duda had a total of 21 sprints.

Bundesliga career and records

Ondrej Duda has played 88 matches in the course of his career in the Bundesliga. Of these, he has won 22. He has netted 19 goals throughout his appointments in the Bundesliga. So far, he has completed 29 matches with his current squad. Here, he has scored a total of seven goals.