60 years of Bundesliga

Robert Lewandowski's legendary five-goal feat


Watch Robert Lewandowski's world record-setting five-goal haul in the space of only eight minutes and 59 seconds after the striker came off the bench for Bayern Munich against Wolfsburg in 2015.

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“It was a historic evening for me,” said Lewandowski proudly looking back on the unforgettable achievement. It took him "a few days, weeks until I realised that,” he emphasised. His family was “almost happier than I was," after the game.

The former Bayern striker entered the history books on 22 September 2015. Lewandowski scored three goals in three minutes and 22 seconds, four in five minutes and 42 seconds and had his fifth after eight minutes and 59 seconds - all of this taking place between the 51st and 60th minute. No player - and certainly not a substitute - had ever achieved this in the long history of the Bundesliga. Lewandowski took the match ball home right after the 5-1 win against Wolfsburg. He donated his boots to charity.

Four world records: Lewandowski's goal blitz against Wolfsburg landed in the Guinness Book of Records - 2015 Getty Images

However, there was one record Lewangoalski did not set on that memorable evening. Dieter Müller remains the only player ever to score six goals in a single Bundesliga game, doing so for Cologne in their 7-2 win against Werder Bremen in August 1977. “Someone from above wanted five goals to be enough for this game,” said the current Barcelona man.

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