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Bundesliga Fantasy Manager: What’s new in 2022/23?


There’s only a few days to go until the 2022/23 Bundesliga season kicks off when Eintracht Frankfurt host Bayern Munich on 5 August. It means you have until 8.30pm CEST on Friday to assemble your title-winning squad for Matchday 1. But there’s also a few important changes to the game you should be aware of…

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5 transfers per matchday

With the exception of unlimited transfer windows – of which there will be three this season – it was previously only possible to make a maximum of three transfers in and out of your squad between matchdays. You now have more flexibility there and can make up to five. That allows you greater ability to react to injuries, suspensions, (un)favourable fixtures or even just tactical decisions. If you think the top side is going to smash the bottom team on a Friday night, then bring in five of their players… You’ve got the possibility to do so now.

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League challenges

From this season, matchday prizes have been replaced by League Challenges. That sees two selected official leagues or community leagues take on each other every matchday in challenges that will be linked to the coming set of fixtures. If you’ve selected a favourite club, you’ll automatically be in that official league and take part in the challenge if your club is involved that matchday. Each League Challenge and chance to win will be announced and explained in the news section beforehand.

Technical improvements

We’ve also worked hard on the usability of the game over summer to make your enjoyment of the game even better. The following features are also new for 2022/23:

  • Faster updates
    The dashboard will update far quicker than previously. Your points will therefore be accurate and up to date more quickly.
  • Share button
    Share your brilliant line-up or points haul with friends on social networks with just one click.
  • See rivals’ line-ups earlier
    You could previously only see other users’ line-ups from 12:00 on Mondays. But now you’ll be able to see how they’ve set up from the moment the first game of the matchday kicks off.
  • Overall ranking
    See where you rank in the world.
  • Historic ranking
    See how managers or leagues have fared in previous season.
  • New filters
    You can now sort players by their points from the previous season.
  • Remove managers from leagues
    Have a non-active member of your private league? No problem, because you can now manually remove players from your league.

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