Erling Haaland: 'I'll do my best to catch Bayern Munich"

Erling Haaland has enjoyed a stunning start to the season, racing to the top of the scoring charts with seven goals from his opening five games and winning the Player of the Month award for August.

bundesliga.com caught up with the free-scoring Norwegian before training earlier this week...

bundesliga.com: It’s early in the morning and you’ve got training soon. Is it OK for you being in so early?

Erling Haaland: “Yeah, I don’t know. That’s my job. As I just said to you, I don’t like to wake up early, but that’s part of my job. So, I’m not complaining about my job.”

bundesliga.com: Are you a hard worker in training?

Haaland: “Yeah, I like to train a lot, but I also don’t just like to train just to train. I like to train and then see progress, to see myself getting better in these things I train on. Yeah, if I see that, I like to train.”

bundesliga.com: How was Sunday’s game against Union Berlin?

Haaland: “It was a good game. I enjoyed it. Important win.”

bundesliga.com: Which of your two goals against Union did you like most?

Haaland: “Good question. I like both. First one was very nice, but the second – I have to say – was a bit better. So, the second.”

bundesliga.com: What were you thinking for the lob?

Haaland: “Little bit before, I see the keeper was a little bit outside. Then I was thinking ‘why not?’.

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bundesliga.com: And the next game against Gladbach is an important one, isn’t it?

Haaland: “As you say, of course it’s important for us but it’s also important for the coach. So, I will try to do my best, together with the team, to win.”

bundesliga.com: Does training on a Monday morning feel different after you’ve scored at the weekend?

Haaland: “It’s different if we win or not. We won and that’s a good feeling.”

bundesliga.com: Do you have a realistic chance of winning the title this year?

Haaland: “Good question. Bayern is really strong, but of course I will do my best, everything I can. And then we’ll see. But really I just try to focus game by game, and try to win like yesterday. These games are really important to win. Now we play against Gladbach and it’s a tough game. You know, we have to win these games, we have to win game after game to even have a chance. Yeah, in the end we’ll see, but it’s difficult. It’s really difficult.”