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Alphonso Davies (l.) says that turning up to Bayern Munich training with mega stars such as Thomas Müller (r.) was "incredible". - © 2019 Getty Images
Alphonso Davies (l.) says that turning up to Bayern Munich training with mega stars such as Thomas Müller (r.) was "incredible". - © 2019 Getty Images

Alphonso Davies: "I couldn't believe my first training sessions at Bayern Munich. Boateng megged me twice!"


Alphonso Davies is now nicely settled into life at Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich, but he explains that turning up to training with the likes of Arjen Robben, Robert Lewandowski and Manuel Neuer was once as exciting as it was intimidating.

Having moved to Bayern from Major League Soccer side Vancouver Whitecaps in January, Davies entered a brand new world; soccer's very peak, where the demands of success both at home and in Europe are relentless.

The 18-year-old was walking into a changing room filled with multiple Bundesliga champions, UEFA Champions League winners and players with FIFA World Cup medals on their mantlepieces.

Watch: Alphonso Davies delighted to be at Bayern Munich!

And while Davies is more than comfortable in his surroundings now, it was a daunting first day at the office for the teenager that teammate Thiago Alcantara calls "wonderkid".

"The first time I came to Bayern Munich, I could not believe it. I was in the locker room and the first person I saw was Arjen Robben and at that time I could not believe what my eyes were seeing," he explained. "He came up to me, shook my hand and said: 'How you doing, I am Arjen.' In my head, I thought: 'You do not have to introduce yourself. I already know who you are!'," he told BBC Sport’s Football Focus programme.

"On my first day at training, I was working with Arjen and I was excited. The team got together in a huddle, introduced me, everyone clapped and I found that very overwhelming.

"The rondos, the 5v2s, it's incredible. The first time I was in the middle I got megged by Jerome [Boateng] twice. It was like a big comedy show."

The good-natured laughs in practice were supported by a welcoming atmosphere from top to bottom at the club, from board-level to the changing rooms, the stands of the Allianz Arena and social media. It is something that Davies is extremely thankful for now, considering the exacting standards that are set, maintained and exceeded every day as a Bayern player.

"When I signed, I posted a picture of me holding the shirt on Instagram and there was a comment that said: 'Mats Hummels follows you, [but] you don't follow him back.'

It will surprise no-one that Alphonso Davies (l.) says Robert Lewandowski (r.)scores "bangers only" in Bayern Munich training. - 2019 Getty Images

"I searched up his name, followed him back and he sent me a message saying: 'Welcome to the team, look forward to seeing you soon.' I replied back saying: 'Thank you, I can't wait to come.'

"Then more and more players started reaching out. At first I didn't believe it was them but then they had the blue tick so it was the real deal."

Davies is now establishing himself as a key cog in Niko Kovac’s squad as they go in search of an incredible, record-extending eighth consecutive Bundesliga trophy, while also defending the DFB Cup and going in pursuit of a sixth Champions League trophy.

But there are still teammates that continue to astonish the winger every time he goes to work, and one man that proves a thorn in his side during shooting drills.

"David Alaba and Robert Lewandowski set it up to hit free-kicks and hit bangers only. Manu Neuer, the brick wall, stops everything. It's very hard to score against this guy. I thought I could score past him, tried to pass the ball into the net, nope. Hard shot, nope."