60 years of Bundesliga

The funniest moments in 60 years of Bundesliga - part II


Clangers, mis-kicks and blatant errors - there are some moments Bundesliga stars past and present just can't live down...

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Tomislav Piplica is a great example of the above. Back in 2001/02, the Energie Cottbus goalkeeper completely misjudged a deflected strike from Borussia Mönchengladbach's Marcel Witeczek, expecting the effort to clear his crossbar. Instead, he stood rooted to the spot as the ball dropped onto the back of his head and in for one of the most bizarre own-goals in Bundesliga history.

Watch: Heads up, Tomislav!

Another wonderfully curious moment from the Bundesliga's 60-year archive involves goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler. Taking a moment to adjust his left sock, Zieler wasn't even looking at the ball when VfB Stuttgart teammate Borna Sosa launched a routine throw-in back to his No.1. He tried desperately to prevent it going in, but in doing - and to his detriment - got the faintest of touches. Had the former Germany stopper left it, the goal would not have counted and Werder Bremen, as per the rule book, would have been awarded a corner-kick. Luckily for him, VfB ran out 2-1 winners.

Watch: Ron-Robert Zieler switches off

Outfield players are not immune to a spot of egg on their face, either. On 9 November 2014, in a game between Gladbach and Borussia Dortmund, Zieler's World Cup-winning teammate Christoph Kramer scored a quite remarkable own goal. Taking possession in the centre circle, the German midfielder attempted to guide a pass back to Yann Sommer. To his disbelief - and everyone else's in attendance - he contrived to loft the ball over his goalkeeper from all of 45 yards. To add salt into the wound, it was the only goal of the game.

Watch: Christoph Kramer's downtown lob

If Kramer's effort was a gift, a goal scored by Frank Mill during the 1987/88 season was more of a steal. The Dortmund striker exploited a loophole in the rules by using his head to knock the ball out of the hand of Ralf Raps as the Hannover goalkeeper prepared for a drop-kick, before tucking into the unguarded net. Nowadays, that wouldn't be allowed, but back then only the use of feet to dispossess a goalkeeper with one hand on the ball was outlawed.

It was one of more than 120 Bundesliga goals scored by Mill, who is just as famous for his finishing as he is infamous for one of the greatest misses of all time. After rounding the goalkeeper on Matchday 1 of 1986/87, the Dortmund striker set himself inside the six-yard area, only to fire against the base of the upright.

Watch: Frank Mill's 'Miss of the 20th Century'

As the Bundesliga celebrates it's 60th anniversary, here's hoping for another 60 years of footballing entertainment - and good old-fashioned Schadenfreude - at its finest!

Happy 60th Birthday to the Bundesliga!

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