60 years of Bundesliga

60 years of styles in the Bundesliga


The Bundesliga has lived through countless trends in fashion, kits and hairstyles, with the results certainly interesting to look back at!

They all seemed a good idea at the time...

You could probably fill a museum with all the kit designs Bundesliga clubs have come up with over the league's 60 years. While many appreciate the weird and wonderful ones, others might say a few of the offerings are more worthy of a dustbin.

Hamburg's pink jerseys in 1976/77 with an oversized white collar that could only be from that era are one such specimen, while a meeting of Duisburg in yellow and red stripes and Bochum with a white and rainbow half-half number in 1997/98 must be the most colourful match in Bundesliga history.

The 1990s was an era of very colourful kits - as Bochum and Duisburg demonstrated. - imago/Team 2

If you think the kits have been crazy from time to time, wait till you see the range of hairstyles on display down the years. From Paul Breitner's boundless bundle of curls to Steffen Freund's flowing mullet and Stefan Effenberg's tiger hair - the Bundesliga has seen it all!

It is easy to mock the bizarre, but style is all about having a bit of fun - and there is one icon of recent years who knew just that. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang identified with his role as Borussia Dortmund goalscoring superhero so much he loved putting on a Batman or Spiderman mask when celebrating goals - a habit that Union Berlin's Sheraldo Becker was happy to pick up in 2022/23.

Immerse yourself in 60 years of the Bundesliga with legends, famous stories and history!

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