Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Bürki has taken a leaf out of tennis star Andy Murray's (note)book in a bid to boost his and his club's fortunes.

Former men's world number one Murray has a habit of writing down a 'to do' list for an upcoming match on a small piece of paper he then takes with him onto court.

It is a strategy that has helped the Brit win three Grand Slam titles, and now Bürki hopes it will give him the push he needs to get out of a dip in form that has seen him register just two clean sheets in his last 15 Bundesliga games.

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"I've been going through a difficult phase recently, especially in the Hinrunde. So I have tried something new," the Switzerland international, who kept five clean sheets in the opening five league matches of the campaign, explained.

"I write a new one before every game, because there are always new things and then I stick it on my locker."

The 27-year-old has a history of pre-match rituals and superstitions. He can frequently be seen during the pre-match protocol between the match officials and captains seeking to be the first player to get his hands on the matchball.

*Translation: Roman Bürki and his pre-match rituals - just brilliant!*

Previously, Bürki would spit his chewing gum into the goal behind him before kick-off and promise to himself that that would be the only thing to cross the goalline all game.

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