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Calling all new Official Fantasy Bundesliga managers! Sign up now and enter the Autumn League to be in with a chance of winning fantastic prizes. To help you get started, we’ve put together an overview of how it all works…

You have a budget of 150 million to put your team together. Your team must contain 15 players, made up of two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards. Each player receives points based on his performance on the pitch. Depending on their success, players will receive positive or sometimes even negative points.

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Got a Bundesliga Fantasy selection headache you just cannot cure? At a loss when deciding who to pick? Don't worry,'s 'Magic Triangle' of pundits have all the answers. Before every Matchday, our trio of Bundesliga insiders will offer wise words of advice, selection tips and perhaps even provide a shoulder to cry on as you aim to guide your Bundesliga Fantasy XI to the top of the league.

Meet Matt 'The Expert' Howarth, and let him guide you through the points system

James 'The Coach' Thorogood has a keen eye for tactics and formations and to get you started, can offer advice on the benefit of choosing a captain wisely.

Flo 'The Scout' Reinecke wants share his talent-spotting prowess with you and to kick things off, has a list of late-bloomers that you should consider signing.

FC Bayern München striker Robert Lewandowski is one of the top points scorers in Official Fantasy Bundesliga

You can modify your squad throughout the season in the transfer market. The transfer market is open between match days in the Bundesliga and you can make three changes to your squad from Monday morning until five minutes before kick-off on a Friday. You cannot transfer players during the match weekends.

Click here for Matt’s pre-season guide to transfers

So, if you’ve not yet joined, here’s your second chance to win! All new fantasy managers who sign up between 1-18 November will be entered into the Autumn League and start level on points with all the other newcomers.

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