How does's spider graphic work?

In order to rate each club's performance in the 2015 Hinrunde as accurately as possible, has produced 18 rather novel spider graphics.

Accordingly, allow us to explain briefly how they work...

Example one: Hannover 96

Every team is analysed in ten categories: goals, shots on goal, clear-cut chances, pass completion, possession, fouls, defensive challenges won, goals conceded from set-pieces, shots from opponents and goals conceded.

The top half of the graphic contains each team's attacking analysis, while the bottom half contains the defensive breakdown.

The size of the spider web shows the relative strengths or weaknesses of each side: the further a team is from the centre of the web in a given category, the better. Several good ratings together, thus occupying more space, underline an impressive Hinrunde performance, while several bad ratings clustered together near the centre illustrates a poor first half of the season.

Example two: Hamburger SV