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Duisburg goalkeeper Mark Flekken donating famous bottle to charity


If Duisburg goalkeeper Mark Flekken plays with his own club on FIFA 18, the Dutchman might notice something familiar if a celebrated glitch in the game pops up.

That is because Flekken was left standing like a frozen FIFA goalie, poised to make a save…but three yards behind his line as he conceded one of the most bizarre goals of all-time in last weekend's Bundesliga 2 match with Ingolstadt.

Flekken had just watched team-mate Enes Hajri head Duisburg's second of the game, the 24-year-old 'keeper had already saved a penalty, and things were going great for the second-tier promotion contenders.

"I had seen the boys go off to celebrate in the corner and they weren't paying attention to the assistant referee. Then I switched off and wanted to go and drink," said Flekken, explaining why he turned his back on play.

An offside flag meant referee Johann Pfeifer ruled the goal out, and by the time Flekken had reached his water bottle lying in his net, it was almost immediately joined by the ball — Ingolstadt forward Stefan Kutschke raced onto a back header destined for the AWOL Flekken to fire the visitors level.

"I think that's the last time I leave my water bottle in my goal," the red-faced glovesman added.

Some of his blushes were spared though. Team-mate Borys Tashchy's second-half penalty earned Duisburg all three points to keep Ilia Gruev's men behind third-placed Holstein Kiel only on goal difference.

That also helped his team-mates take his blunder lightly as they ensured Flekken will not have to go far for a drinks bottle again…

And as it turns out, his team-mates' extra supply of water bottles may come in useful as Flekken has begun auctioning off the now notorious bottle. Duisburg have announced that the highest current bid stands at €820. The funds will be donated to local children's charity zebrakids, which looks to provide help to disadvantaged children in the Duisburg area.

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