Munich - He came, he saw, he conquered. In nine minutes of madness on Tuesday night, FC Bayern München's Robert Lewandowski broke a host of goalscoring records; netting five goals against title rivals VfL Wolfsburg and sending out quite the statement of intent.

In an interview after the game, the Polish international was, much like the rest of the watching world, overwhelmed by his own achievements, describing Bayern's eventual 5-1 victory merely as a 'crazy evening'.

© gettyimages / Alex Grimm

Question: Robert Lewandowski, congratulations on your historic five goals. Can you even begin to describe those nine minutes?

Robert Lewandowski: It was a crazy few minutes. I'm obviously very happy and it's a great story, both for me and for Bayern. It's hard to say much about it straight after the game. It was a crazy evening.

Question: Have you ever scored five goals in a game before?

Lewandowski: Nope, I can't say I ever have. Sometimes you need more words to be able to describe it.

Question: The matchball will certainly be taking pride of place on your mantelpiece, no?

Lewandowski: Yes, I said straight after the game that I wanted to keep the ball. It's a beautiful ball.

'I carried on trying to score'

Question: What was going through your head after the goals?

Lewandowski: After I made it 1-1, all I thought was that we needed another goal to win the game. Then after making it 2-1, it just sort of happened. After the fifth goal I thought, if it's possible, I'd like to score a sixth. I carried on trying to score another goal.

Question: What would you say about how the game went? It didn’t look much like it was going to be a Bayern victory when it was 1-0 to Wolfsburg at half-time…

Lewandowski: Wolfsburg played very well in the first half and didn't make it easy for us. In the second half, though, we played a bit differently which made it easier to score the goals. Everything I touched went in. It was an unbelievable evening for me and I’m very happy.

Question: Are you going to buy the rest of the team a round at the Oktoberfest, then?

Lewandowski: We'll be at Oktoberfest next week, but we have our next game on Saturday. When you play every three days, like we are at the moment, recovery is very important. For the moment I can be pleased, but the we soon need to start focusing on the next game. This was only the sixth Bundesliga game of the season and we have lots of games left. On top of that, next week we have a very important game in the Champions League. We need to stay focused and keep giving it our all.

Maximilian Lotz reporting from Munich.