Almost two years after being told he may never play again, Borussia Dortmund youth player Dario Scuderi has resumed training.

Scuderi, now 20, was reportedly on the brink of breaking into the Dortmund first team when he suffered a horrific left knee injury in a UEFA Youth League match against Legia Warsaw in September 2016.

The medical team feared the worst - at the time his surgeon described the incident as "the worst injury you could possibly imagine. Pretty much everything tore: the ligaments, all the muscle and tendons," but Scuderi refused to throw in the towel.

Twenty-one months on, the Italian right-back is training with the ball once again.

The story speaks volumes for Scuderi's character, but Dortmund deserve immense credit for the level of support they have given to a young player who might yet realise his dream of playing professionally.

As well as being with him every step of the way during his gruelling rehabilitation, BVB made sure - if the worst came to the worst and he had to retire - Scuderi would have a career outside of football by funding his studies in Sports Management.

Class acts, the pair of them.

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