Together with Bundesliga premium partner Hermes, professional football in Germany will champion the cause of integration of refugees over the course of this weekend’s fixtures (18-20 September). In support of the most significant societal topic at present,  Hermes will waive their right to advertising space on the left sleeve patch of clubs’ shirts on Matchday 5 in the Bundesliga (Matchday 7 in Bundesliga 2).

In place of the corporate logo, the „Wir helfen - #refugeeswelcome“ campaign logo of the Bild newspaper will be worn. Logistics company Hermes also forwent advertising their own logo in favour of German Cancer Aid on one occasion last season. 

In addition, Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 clubs will continue with their various individual contributions to aid refugees. In the case of several clubs, this includes the integration program „Welcome to football“, supported by the Bundesliga foundation.