The Scout: Standout Stand-ins!

The weekend is edging ever closer. Have you started twitching with excitement yet as well? In my case, it could be down to the itching powder that has mysteriously found its way into my Official Fantasy Bundesliga polo shirt. I wonder if that’s why James 'The Coach' Thorogood or Matt 'The Expert' Howarth are in such a good mood today?

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Hmm, anyway part of the reason I can’t sit still is because Matchday 2 is about to kick-off. So let’s get down to Official Fantasy business and the interesting opportunities this weekend.

About Flo: From shoe sizes to the number of goals scored in training, Official Fantasy Bundesliga Scout Florian knows everything there is to know about every single member of the Bundesliga's all-star cast. He claims to have discovered Fritz Walter and Franz Beckenbauer, and now he wants to share his talent-spotting prowess with you.