Bayern captain Philipp Lahm exclusive: 'Dortmund will be our number one rivals'


One of the Bundesliga's all-time greats, FC Bayern München captain Philipp Lahm is looking to cement his place in history by becoming the first man to lead his side to a fifth consecutive German title this season.

Lahm on his future plans...

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For Bundesliga Weekly - the Bundesliga's international TV show - sat down with the 32-year-old to discuss Carlo Ancelotti's first few weeks in charge, Bayern's challengers at the top this season and his own plans for the coming years...

"For me, it's been Bayern all the way and I want to bow out here at the peak of my career. I don't fancy finishing up in another league, just a bit short of the top, that's not really my thing. I can’t imagine being a coach, still working to training schedules and fixture lists. I've done that long enough. I just can't see myself rolling up to the training ground every morning. To take a bit of time out, spend it with the family and live to your own schedule: I'm looking forward to all that at some point! At the moment, though, the football is still pushing all the right buttons."

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