Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez has been a revelation for Leverkusen this term, with 15 goals in the Bundesliga so far.
Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez has been a revelation for Leverkusen this term, with 15 goals in the Bundesliga so far.

Exclusive: Why Chicharito is loving life in the Bundesliga

Despite a hectic schedule on international duty during the week, Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez rushed back to Germany to play a decisive role in Bayer 04 Leverkusen's impressive 3-0 win over VfL Wolfsburg. In an exclusive post-match interview with bundesliga.com, he revealed the reason behind his unstoppable form in the Bundesliga.

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bundesliga.com: It was your 25th goal in 35 games. Last year, you only scored 9. What happened? Why…

Chicharito: …(interrupts) because I am playing! (laughs). The fact I am playing is the only answer I can give you.

bundesliga.com: What about the circumstances? Does playing in the Bundesliga make you happy?

Chicharito: It is everything, of course. But the key thing is that I am playing. I always said the main thing really was just to play, not necessarily scoring goals because thankfully I scored goals when I came off the bench at my other teams. So the main thing now is that I am playing a lot from the start. The coach has made me feel very important, that I am an important player for this team, that I can contribute a lot for my teammates and for this club. So the key thing is that I am playing a lot of football because that is what I love most. I think for most people in the world, if they are doing what they love then you’ll have more good things in life than bad.

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bundesliga.com: You came off the bench today and scored a wonderful goal. Tell us about that and your feelings when you were brought on…

Chicharito: I tried to do the same as when I start the match. I tried to do my best, have a positive mindset, run a lot and help my teammates. Thankfully, I scored a very nice goal today and I put in an assist for an incredible goal for Vlad (Vladlen Yurchenko). I think he is a great teammate, he’s been working hard and waiting for his opportunity. He’s a very good player and he got his reward.

bundesliga.com: Were you not tired at all or suffering from jet-lag after being on international duty?

Chicharito: Yeah, I only landed in Leverkusen at 8 a.m. yesterday morning, so of course I am a little more tired. That’s why I had a chat with the coach and we both decided the best thing was to start on the bench because other players are more fit. Thankfully, it was a good decision for the whole team.

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