Boyd has had a difficult start in the Bundesliga, suffering back-to-back defeats.
Boyd has had a difficult start in the Bundesliga, suffering back-to-back defeats.

Boyd: 'Pulisic is an incredible talent'

It is fair to say Terrence Boyd's Bundesliga experience so far has not gone according to plan. With SV Darmstadt 98 suffering a painful 6-1 defeat to 1. FC Köln on his debut and then a 2-0 defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt last week, the USMNT international's joy at playing in Germany’s top-flight has been diluted by the disappointment of defeat.

In an interview with the 25-year-old talks about what he has learned from those shaky first steps with the Lilies, and praises fellow USMNT man Christian Pulisic, whom he is set to face for the first time when Borussia Dortmund are welcomed to the Jonathan-Heimes-Stadion am Böllenfalltor on Matchday 20.

Sign Terrence Boyd to your Official Bundesliga Fantasy team here! Terrence Boyd, you signed for SV Darmstadt 98 from RB Leipzig. The difference between the two clubs couldn't be greater...what attracted you to the challenge at Darmstadt?

Terrence Boyd: I have a good chance to fulfill my potential here by training hard. Scoring goals myself is less important than helping the team achieve their goals. If we stay up, then my ambitions will be fulfilled too.

Watch: Relive Boyd's Bundesliga debut, a 6-1 defeat to 1. FC Köln. Was making your debut for the Lilies the only positive you could take away from the 6-1 defeat to 1. FC Köln on Matchday 18?

Boyd: Of course I had imagined my first Bundesliga game would go differently. But it is important that we learned a lesson from the game and result. We can now emerge even stronger in the future. Most experts see Darmstadt as the number one relegation candidates, and the result against Köln supports that. How do you feel about being the underdogs?

Boyd: We have nothing left to lose and knowing this makes the remaining games easier to play. We believe in ourselves, want to play with freedom, and we'll prove the critics wrong in the end. There's a strong American contingent in the Bundesliga, do you have much contact with your USMNT teammates Timothy Chandler, John Anthony Brooks, Fabian Johnson, Bobby Wood or Pulisic? Is there a feeling of comradery amongst youselves?

Boyd: We write every now and then, and always look forward to getting together at training camps. Meeting regularly in the Bundesliga is fun. Of course, there are no friendships on the pitch, but afterwards we always talk. There is already a sense of togetherness between us.