Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez has made quite the impression on the Bayer 04 Leverkusen camp, according to Werkself wonderkid Julian Brandt.

In an exclusive interview with bundesliga.com ahead of Saturday's mouthwatering clash with VfL Wolfsburg, the 19-year-old reveals how Leverkusen's 'Little Pea' has settled in and explains how he feels about facing his boyhood club on Matchday 11.

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bundesliga.com: Diego was your childhood idol. Leverkusen newcomer Javier Hernandez is also a pretty big name in world football. What kind of guy is ‘Chicharito’?

Julian Brandt: Chicha is a quiet guy, as you are when you're new to a group. Not everyone who's been around the block - playing for Real Madrid and Manchester United among others - wants to be bothered with the youngsters. That's definitely not the case with him, though. He's really open, sincere and, last but not least, a fantastic footballer. He's already scored in all competitions and there's a lot you can learn from him.

bundesliga.com: Not that many Mexicans have played in the Bundesliga. Have you had a taste of the Mexican way of life?

Brandt: On Thursday, our regeneration session after the DFB Cup game against Viktoria Köln, Chicha played me a Mexican song when we were on the exercise machines. It was pretty decent. Apart from hip-hop, I like to listen to Spanish, Latin American and Brazilian music.

bundesliga.com: Chicharito has a wealth of international experience. If you didn't know that he's made over 70 international and 35 Champions League appearances, would you be able to tell in training?

Brandt: That's hard to say. There are definitely times when a top player with a lot of international experience comes to a new club, but then for whatever reason it doesn't work out for him. No one can explain it. That’s why I don't know whether I would be looking at Chicha like that without knowing his name and career. What I do know - that is what I'm seeing - is that Chicha is a really classy player, who's doing what he does really well for us.

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bundesliga.com: At the weekend, you face your old club and youth team VfL Wolfsburg. Is it a bit of sentimental occasion for you?

Brandt: I do think feelings come into play. After all, I spent two-and-a-half years at Wolfsburg, trained a lot with the first team and got to know a lot of the lads there. So it's definitely fair to say that it's a special game for me.

bundesliga.com: The game promises much, doesn't it, with Bayer putting on a real show in recent matches and there being nine goals in the last meeting in Leverkuen between the sides?

Brandt: Of course, anything can happen. A dull 1-0 win would do for us (laughs). No, seriously: I'm sure it'll be a very good game of football because it's a meeting between two top sides. We definitely want to win, though, to leapfrog Wolfsburg in the standings. That’d be a great omen for the game against AS Roma in the Champions League next week.

bundesliga.com: Leverkusen have shown they can overcome big setbacks in recent games. However, they have been big setbacks…

Brandt: I think that's just a snapshot. There have been periods not that long ago when we've gone five or six games without conceding. Maybe we'll start another run in Wolfsburg without conceding.

bundesliga.com: Attack-minded types like you must have more fun in a game that ends 5-4 rather than one that finishes 1-0…

Brandt: Of course (grins). I actually think crazy games like the one against VfB Stuttgart are really good for team morale. You're trailing 2-0 and then 3-1, but still turn the game around. It's a great feeling. And after the game you think, "These lads are fantastic. That was a huge team performance!". As long as we score more goals than we concede, all's well in the world.