Bayern Munich and Germany defender Mats Hummels has lent his support to the UNICEF #Stop10Seconds campaign, which is aiming to save 10,000 children in South Sudan from starvation.

Posting on his official Twitter account, Hummels called on his followers to donate €35 a month to the charity organisation, relaying the stark reminder than a child under the age of five still dies every 10 seconds as a result of hunger.

"Worldwide, every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger. No one should have to go through that: not someone like me, who has just become a father, a parent-to-be - not anyone. It's a deplorable state of affairs that we want to change and that, along with Unicef, we're taking on.

"With €35 you can give a child specialist food such as peanuts and pasta; the nourishment they need for a whole month. And that's the goal of this initiative: to safeguard 10,000 children and save them from this fate. We need donations and I'm calling on others, namely TagHeuer, Joko Winterscheidt and Julian Draxler: firstly to donate and secondly to spread awareness so that these conditions are changed for the better and as quickly as possible."

Last year, Hummels also became the second high-profile footballer to join Juan Mata's Common Goal initiative, in which players pledge one per cent of their wages to funding football projects for disadvantaged children worldwide.

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