French winger Franck Ribery was not too pleased at being subbed off during Bayern Munich’s 4-1 Klassiker win over Borussia Dortmund, but his Italian coach Carlo Ancelotti showed some Mediterranean love to calm the winger.

After scoring and assisting two of Bayern’s four goals, the Frenchman’s number was held up in the 74th minute to signal his departure. Not happy with his coach’s decision, Ribery began arguing with Ancelotti, but the experienced boss simply embraced his player and gave him a big kiss as a reward for his performance – much to the delight of Ribery and those around them.

Watch: Ribery and Ancelotti's moment of passion:

Speaking to Sport1 after the game, the France international praised his manager, and his kissing skills, “We have a great relationship and we trust each other. The kiss was nice. It was just natural, something positive. It was a good kiss with a lot of emotion.”

Ancelotti had already spoken light-heartedly about his winger before the game, joking in his press conference about the squad pretending Ribery had just turned 27, and not in fact 34.

Arjen Robben also noticed the reward Robben received from his coach, and after the game admitted, “I’m a bit jealous. But I might get a kiss as well as some point…”

Robben was unimpressed when being substituted at Borussia Mönchengadbach just before the international break. The Dutchman might now be looking forward to seeing his number on the fourth official’s board…

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