Mönchengladbach's Alvaro Dominguez has no complaints whatsoever about the Bundesliga
Mönchengladbach's Alvaro Dominguez has no complaints whatsoever about the Bundesliga

Dominguez: 'Everyone wants to play here'

Mönchengladbach - has been one of the most consistent performers of what is shaping up to be another very good campaign for Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Now in his third season with the Foals, the 25-year-old defensive all-rounder spoke in interview about how the Bundesliga compares with Spain's Primera División, life in Germany and who he'd most like to see join him on the books at Mönchengladbach.

Question: Alvaro Dominguez, what would you say are the main differences between top-flight football in Spain and Germany?

Alvaro Dominguez: The organisation, the stadiums and the attendances are all much better here than in Spain. German teams are very physical and hard-running, while in Spain the emphasis is more on technique.

Question: And are you well settled-in yourself now?

Dominguez: Definitely. I'm happy to be playing in the Bundesliga

Question: What's the single biggest difference between the leagues at the stadium on a matchday?

Dominguez: When we play away, we've still got 8,000 travelling fans behind us. The stadiums are always full and that's good for the players. It's not so easy to get that in Spain because of the late kick-offs. Kids can't go along to the ground at ten in the evening.

Question: Apart from the Borussia Park, which stadiums to enjoy playing at most?

Dominguez: I enjoy playing at Dortmund, Frankfurt and Schalke.

Question: Do you keep in touch with other Spanish players in Germany?

Dominguez: Since Raul moved to Schalke, a lot of others have followed his road to the Bundesliga. I stay in touch with a good few of the Spanish players and they're all very happy here.

Question: How popular is the Bundesliga in Spain?

Dominguez: It's getting more and more coverage on Spanish TV. Since , everyone wants to play here. For me, the Bundesliga's one of the best leagues in the world.

Question: Is playing in the Bundesliga and advantage or disadvantage in terms of getting picked for Spain?

Dominguez: Unless you're playing for Bayern, it's easy to drop under the radar. Home-based players are more likely to be selected.

Question: What do you make of your German teammates on a playing level?

Dominguez: German players are equally good all over the park - at the back, or up front.

Question: How have you adapted to life in Germany?

Dominguez: Living here isn't difficult for me. I like the food and the people. As a footballer, you can get out and about and people respect your private space.

Question: Would you recommend the Bundesliga to other players?

Dominguez: I'm always telling my Spanish friends they should give the Bundesliga a shot if they get the opportunity.

Question: Which of your former teammates would you particularly like to play alongside again?

Dominguez: I'd like it if Ignacio Camacho was here. He's a very good friend and we played together for a long time at Atletico Madrid.