Munich - The Bundesliga may be the most dramatic and exciting league in the world, but it also has its light-hearted side. To bring you up close an personal to Germany's more colourful off-pitch stories, here's Off The Ball,'s quirky weekday feature.

In today's edition, we see the Allianz Arena with a different hue, find out who's the biggest fan of the Germany national team, and discover which FC Bayern München player has a penchant for parties.

What do a four-leaf clover and a green have in common? They're both very rare and have roots in Irish tradition. FC Bayern München's stadium turned green yesterday to mark Saint Patrick's Day, an Irish holiday. The stadium that usually only lights up in white (neutral), red (Bayern) and blue (1860 Munich), was turned green in honour of the Irish for only the second time.

ACF Fiorentina striker Mario Gomez claims German chancellor Angela Merkel is a fan of his new club. The former FC Bayern forward and current Germany international joined the Italian Serie A club in the summer and says Merkel "follows all of the German players abroad". The 28-year-old, who gave Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi a signed Viola shirt to give to Merkel on a visit to Berlin this week, added: "She's Germany's number one supporter, and now she supports Fiorentina too."

With Bayern close to celebrating yet another Bundesliga title, got the festivities off to an early start by throwing an elaborate costume party. Schweinsteiger, who dressed up as Willy Wonka, invited some 400 guests to his secret party, including team-mates Diego Contento (who came as an elf) and Claudio Pizarro (who donned pirate's outfit). Other prominent names in attendance were 100-metre world record holder Usain Bolt (dressed as a king) and German olympic alpine skier Felix Neureuther who arrived in a beautiful red dress...