Braunschweig - Hertha Berlin's Marcel Ndjeng saluted his team for a job well done after the victory at Eintracht Braunschweig in Matchday 15's final game, but the hosts' Mirko Boland could not hide his disappointment as the Lions stay bottom of the league. summarises what the players had to say after the final whistle...

Eintracht Braunschweig

: We were hoping for a much better result today, and it’s difficult to find the words to describe how we feel. We’re deeply disappointed, but we’ll sleep on it and see how we can go on from here. I think we’re just not getting that little bit of luck at the moment, but we'll try our best to make our own luck in future matches.

Hertha Berlin

: We got what we came here for today and managed to take our chances, unlike last weekend. Braunschweig are fighting for their lives and we had to stay alert for the whole match to avoid conceding a sloppy goal. Our support was incredible again today and I think our fans are happy with every point we get and every goal we score.