Munich - Amidst the frenetic pace of modern-day Bundesliga action, only the hardest of hearts would begrudge some of German football's biggest stars the odd bit of time away from the game. discovered exactly where some of the biggest names spend their downtime in some of Germany's most famous cities...

"This is a difficult one to answer since Munich is such a lovely city with lots of pleasant squares and places to relax. Every year, I seem to have a different favourite part. This year, I've been going to the zoo with my wife and son a lot, the penguins and the monkeys are particularly interesting, and it’s great to be able to enjoy some time with my family."

"I like going for a walk with my wife and daughter around the Kuhsee (a local lake). We can just relax in the beautiful, natural surroundings. Obviously, we stop off to take my daughter to the big play park and spend some time with her."

Having been called up to the Netherlands national team, Verhaegh mightn't be seeing as much of the 1,100 metre lake as he'd like this summer.

"For me, there’s nowhere nicer than the Münsterplatz, the square in the centre of town. Walking around the old buildings, you almost feel as if you’re discovering famous figures from down the ages. Unfortunately, we play most of our games on a Saturday, which is when the square is at its most colourful and lively with the markets going on."

"In Hamburg, I really enjoy taking my dog, Ego, to the Falkensteiner Ufe (a beach on the River Elbe). It’s right outside my front door and there’s nowhere better to relax in Hamburg. When the sun shines, it’s just like being on holiday, and I’d recommend it to anyone"

The Falkensteiner Ufer advertises itself as a place for "recreation, nature conservation and walks, cycling and amphibians".

"I really enjoy the Kinopolis (multi-storey cinema) in Leverkusen. My wife and I go there once a month to watch a film."

We reckon the 2012/13 season's top scorer's favourite film is 'Never been Kießed'.

"The Schauburg film palace in Gelsenkirchen is one of the best cinemas I’ve ever seen. The building is over 100 years old and despite renovations it’s retained its own special charm. It’s still very classical and relaxing. It’s a place whose quiet atmosphere provides the perfect contrast to the whirlwind action of the Bundesliga."

"I like the Schlossplatz in the centre of Stuttgart. It’s not the most beautiful place in the world, but it means the most to me. When I’m there, I’m always reminded of when we celebrated winning the 2007 Bundesliga title with our fans in the middle of the square."

Cacau was instrumental in VfB's title win in 2007, scoring 13 goals as the club picked up the Meisterschale for the first time since 1992, but he was released in 2014.

"I really like the Autostadt (car city). It’s a great place in Wolfsburg to visit, which I usually do with my friends and family. It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, there’s always something for everyone. It’s exceptionally pretty around Christmas time. It’s got a really high-quality and varied feel."

"The Maschsee (a lake in southern Hanover) and near to the HDI Arena is a great place to spend time. It’s a great place to sit in the sun and go for a wander with your family. Although I’ve only been here since August, it’s quickly become my favourite place."

"My favourite place in Berlin is the Hackescher Markt (Hacke’s Market), the narrow little streets and alternative feel really excite me. I find it really reflects life in Berlin - so many cultures meet there and the restaurants and shops just complete the place. I love spending time there with my family."