Berlin - Bayer Leverkusen came away from the capital's Olympiastadion with another three precious points towards the title race in the bag on Saturday. listened in on the reactions to the outcome from both sides of the fence.

Bayer Leverkusen

Stefan Kießling: It was hugely important to start back with a win after the international break and with a few really busy weeks ahead. In terms of the performance we can still up our game a bit, but we got the three points and that's what matters most.

Lars Bender: We could really rely on our defence, we didn't give away much at all and managed to nurse the win home. There were one or two opportunities there for a second goal, although that maybe wouldn't have reflected the run of game. It was a workmanlike win, for sure – a scruffy 1-0, as they say.

Hertha Berlin

Sebastian Langkamp: Leverkusen had the edge on us in one area today, and that was efficiency. I think we had a couple of opportunities to at least draw level. That didn't work out, unfortunately, it's the second game in a row here after Schalke where we've looked very good for phases of the match without being able to get that goal.

Fabian Lustenberger: That's a few games now where we've paid a premium and it'd be nice to finally stop paying out. We're very disappointed and a bit angry as well about another game against a Champions League contender where we were the better side at times but still finished up empty-handed.