Hellmut Krug, DFL refereeing expert, was head of referees at the DFB (German Football Association) until 2007
Hellmut Krug, DFL refereeing expert, was head of referees at the DFB (German Football Association) until 2007

Former referee Hellmut Krug explains the handball rule

Frankfurt - Handball or not? That was one of the most hotly discussed subjects on Matchday 6 in the Bundesliga. Above all Hannover 96’s clash with FC Augsburg provided plenty to talk about.

Hellmut Krug, refereeing expert of the Deutsche Fußball Liga GmbH (DFL), explained how the referee of that game, Christian Dingert, had made the right decisions.

Exclusively to bundesliga.com, Krug analysed three disputed incidents from that game and one from 1. FC Nürnberg’s clash with Borussia Dortmund.

Salif Sane (Hannover 96 – FC Augsburg)
"Nr. 33/A, Mölders, hits the ball diagonally towards the Hannover goal from approximately ten yards. Nr. 5/H, Sane, has run towards Mölders, facing the ball and attempting to block the shot. In doing so, he has turned his upper body slightly to the side and stretched his arm out at an angle, away from his body, thereby increasing his size. By deflecting the ball with his outstretched arm, Sane has committed a punishable handball offence. Therefore, the referee’s decision to award a penalty is justified. Strictly speaking, Sane blocked an attempt at goal, so a yellow card may also have been justifiable."

Ragnar Klavan (Hannover 96 – FC Augsburg)
"Nr. 5/A, Klavan, tries to block a pass with his foot in his own penalty area. The ball bounces off his own foot onto Nr. 11/H, Ya Konan’s foot and back onto Klavan’s arm. The arm may have been stretched out, but that was a result of a completely natural motion sequence and wasn’t oriented towards the ball. The ball bounces off both players in the tackle and hits Klavan on his naturally-swinging arm. That isn't a handball offence."

Matthias Ostrzolek (Hannover 96 – FC Augsburg)
"The ball is crossed high into the Augsburg penalty area. Nr. 11/H, Ya Konan, heads the ball on. Nr. 19/A, Ostrzolek, is standing approximately three yards behind Ya Konan. Ostrzolek wants to control the ball with his chest, but the ball bounces away and his left arm makes contact with the underside of the ball. The arm clearly moves towards the ball, so it is a punishable handball offence and a penalty should be awarded."

Per Nilsson (1. FC Nürnberg – Borussia Dortmund)
"A cross into the Dortmund penalty area is flicked on just in front of Nr. 3/N, Nilsson, and hits him on the right arm. The arm is in a relaxed state by his side, so his overall size isn’t increased. Only when his arm makes contact with the ball does it move backwards slightly. That’s not a handball offence."