Communication is key - that's why Guardiola (c.) learned German fastidiously during his sabbatical in New York. Judging by these pictures, the Bayern players are already hanging on his every word
Communication is key - that's why Guardiola (c.) learned German fastidiously during his sabbatical in New York. Judging by these pictures, the Bayern players are already hanging on his every word

Pep in Munich

Munich - Two days after he officially took office as the new head coach of European champions FC Bayern Munich, wowing the press with his impressive German and charming fans with his humility and grace, Pep Guardiola put his new charges through their paces for the very first time in a public workout early on Wednesday evening.

A crowd of around 25,000 stormed the Allianz Arena to get a glimpse of Pep's first session, each paying €5 for a ticket, with the proceeds to be donated to victims of the recent flooding throughout Germany.

Here's's LIVE updates from the ground via this blog and our Twitter channel starting from 17:00 CET Reporter at the Allianz Arena: With the training session now over, coach, staff, players and fans all appear rather satisfied. Of real interest will be the stuff that goes on behind closed doors between now and the Bundesliga curtain raiser against Gladbach." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Another thorough workout. Pep Guardiola was deep in conversation with Thomas Muller after the game. The players are now being guided through the warm-down." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "No goals at the end of the half as the two sides assemble in the centre circle. By the looks of things, that brief kick-about has given Guardiola plenty of food for thought." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Jerome Boateng starts a lovely move but, after combining with Mario Gomez, Philipp Lahm stabs over." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Game on! We've got some 11-a-side action, with Manuel Neuer and Franck Ribery part of the XI kicking from left to right and Mario Gomez leading from the front for the evening's opposition." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Guardiola seems to be rubbing along just fine with the Bayern players. A chat with Phillip Lahm and even a playful slap around the face - everything looks rather rosy just four days into the job." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Shuffling left and right and bawling out directions, Guardiola's becoming quite animated in the centre circle. Message very much received!" Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "No problems on the communication front. Guardiola seems to be getting his ideas across with minimum fuss." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Satisfied with the players' passing game, Guardiola splits his men into three groups: all variations on shuttle runs and sprints, with the Iberian tactician heavily involved as ever." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Plenty of support for fan favourite Franck Ribery, with pockets of fans heard chanting 'Rib-ery, Rib-ery!'" Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Similar passing drills to yesterday so far and plenty of smiles to boot!" Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Bang on schedule, Pep Guardiola emerges from the tunnel. He's not got his shorts on today, though. He might have to get used to that if last winter was anything to go by." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "After the afternoon's rain, players can expect tricky conditions when they take to the field in around five minutes' time." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "A real family feel to today's session and, by the looks of things, a greater turnout compared to Wednesday. The youngsters in in attendance are queuing up by the tunnel, hoping to sneak a couple of autographs." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "The heavens well and truly opened on the way to the Allianz Arena, but it'll take more than a Bavarian downpour to deter the FC Bayern faithful. In about 30 minutes' time, they'll get just what they came for - a glimpse of new coach Pep Guardiola."

25 June 2013: Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "The players have been on the pitch for just over an hour now, honing those tiki-taka skills." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Tiki-taka central. Two touches at most. Ribery's having a ball!" Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Short bursts and precise passing - the Bayern players are being fast-tracked through the Guardiola School of Excellence." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "You won't see many coaches as involved as this. Great way to get to know the players inside-out."

17:42: Not all the Bayern squad are involved in this first session, but Pep will have the majority at his disposal during the club's summer training camp in Trentino, Italy, which will take place between 4-12 July. Dante, Luiz Gustavo and Javi Martinez will however join up with their colleagues at a later a date as a result of their FIFA Confederations Cup exploits. Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Guardiola is ten years older than most of the players (at least), but you'd never have known it. Fit as a fiddle!" Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Pep has been acting out some drills he'd like to see next for his assistant. Hands on indeed. He's also communicating effectively with the players, giving each group plenty of attention." Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Guardiola is watching his players like a hawk as they warm up. As Spanish football expert Graham Hunter revealed, being an an ounce over their prescribed weight will not be tolerated. Pep does things properly."

17:05: A big cheer goes up around the Arena as Pep and his squad emerge from the tunnel to warm up. Bayern's club anthem, Stern des Südens (English: Star of the South), is blaring through the PA system and all eyes are on the Iberian Messiah. Reporter at the Allianz Arena: "Fans are already discussing the new campaign, sparking a lovers' tiff between one couple: 'Borussia Mönchengladbach are not our friends,' says a lady to her husband. 'Mia san mia. We have no friends!'"

16:28: Our reporter has just taken his seat at the Allianz Arena and will be feeding us updates throughout the session...

24 June 2013:

16:57: What a day. What a man! With his excellent German, smooth demeanour and likeable character, Pep Guardiola has Germany swooning after his first official appearance at head coach of FC Bayern. spent the day following events at the Allianz Arena - read our roundup here.

16:20: After his press conference duties were concluded, Guardiola stepped out onto the pitch at the Allianz Arena where he was presented with a bouquet of flowers from club mascot Berni the Bear. He also posed for pictures beside a brand new Audi car, given to him as a welcome present by Rupert Stadler, chief executive of the company that sponsor the club.

14:10: Guardiola also revealed that he will be bringing in several members to the backroom staff "whom I trust completely" to help him. The fellow newcomers are:
Manel Estiarte: A former Spanish handball star and one of Guardiola's closest allies.
Domenec Torrent: Assistant coach who has worked closely with Guardiola for the last five years.
Lorenzo Buenaventura: Fitness coach
Carles Planchart: Scout and video analyst

13:30: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has admitted to being surprised at how good Guardiola's German was, and reiterated his delight that the Catalan is now in the Bavarian capital.

13:20: Don't forget to join us on Twitter, where our reporter is covering events LIVE from the Allianz Arena. Here Pep is stepping on to the pitch for the first time

13:18: The action has now moved onto the pitch at the Allianz Arena. Guardiola has a little kickabout with the club mascot while looking up at the stadium around him, taking it all in. He soon moves towards the FC Bayern dugout to get the perspective from there.

13:13: An interesting quote from sporting director Matthias Sammer earlier in the press conference: "My greatest desire at the moment is for Pep and his family - his wife and children - to settle here in Munich and we'll do everything to make that possible. That will help him to do his job here."

13:02: The press conference has drawn to a close and Guardiola is presented with an FC Bayern training top to conclude proceedings. He will now head out to the Allianz Arena pitch.

12:57: Guardiola: "For the next six months I will live at Säbener Strasse (FC Bayern's training ground)." Asked to sum up what style Bayern will play, he says: "I love to attack."

12:52: Guardiola says his German teacher in New York was a Borussia Dortmund fan who did not want to allow him to move to Bayern.

12:43: "I cannot complain about being here. It's FC Bayern," says Guardiola. Asked about what he makes of the media scrum surrounding his arrival, the coach - still speaking in German - says "I'm a little bit nervous".

12:39: Fascinating answer from Guardiola when asked about what system he will play: "I have to adapt to the players here. Fans come to watch the team play, not the coach. I will have to adjust."

12:31: Asked what FC Bayern's standout characteristic is, Guardiola responded by saying: "Their history. There are only few clubs in the world like that."

12:31: Guardiola says of the Bundesliga: "I need more time to know the Bundesliga better, but I watched it every weekend in New York, especially Bayern's games."

12:26: Guardiola also gave a revealing insight into his sense of humour. Reacting to praise at his excellent level of German he said: "I just learnt everything by heart. As soon as they start asking me questions, it's kaputt (broken)."

12:22: It seems Guardiola has already got to grips with German football, calling Borussia Dortmund by their 'nickname' BVB.

12:17: Both Hoeneß and Rummenigge say that their first contact with Guardiola came two years ago at the Audi Cup. The say it was immediately clear then that they would like him as coach one day.

12:14: Guardiola is asked how he feels after taking a year off in New York. His answer is simple: "I'm ready. My time at Barcelona was wonderful but I needed a new challenge. FC Bayern gave me that opportunity."

12:08: Pep Guardiola's first words as FC Bayern Munich coach are in German: "Guten Tag und Grüß Gott" (Hello and good morning). It's mightily impressive - the Spaniard has not spoken a word of Spanish yet and is making himself understood in German. Anyone who's tried learning it will know just how tricky that is!

12:05: Pep Guardiola has appeared! The Catalan enters FC Bayern's press room and poses for the obligatory photos alongside the club's president Uli Hoeneß, CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and sporting director Matthias Sammer.

11:45: German newspaper Bild is reporting this morning that on the flight to Munich from Barcelona yesterday, Guardiola spent the duration learning German grammar, while his wife tested him on vocabulary.

11:40: Our reporter is in Munich ready for Guardiola's first appearance. You can follow his regular Twitter updates, including LIVE pictures, here.

11:30:The big day is upon us an excitement is mounting in Munich with Guardiola expected to make an appearance in the press room at FC Bayern's Allianz Arena any minute now.

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