Munich - Currently occupying 18th place in the world tennis ranking, Germany's Tommy Haas certainly knows a thing or two about elite sports. And when his globe-trotting schedule allows, the German No1 is a regular follower of the Bundesliga.

In interview with, the 34-year-old revealed his passion for football all started with a visit to the stadium in Hamburg. Herr Haas, which is your favourite Bundesliga club?

Tommy Haas: I don’t follow the Bundesliga as intensively as I used to as I moved to the States as a young boy. The two Bundesliga clubs I follow are Hamburger SV and FC Bayern Munich. I was born in Hamburg so I often went to the stadium as a child. And I like Bayern because they have achieved so much internationally. It’s great fun watching Bayern when everything’s going well. Do you have any favourite players?

Tommy Haas: Not really. It’s always hard to have a favourite player in football. When a team is playing well together, it’s always a delight to watch. I’m a fan of the club and hope they win. How do you keep up to speed with the Bundesliga?

Tommy Haas: I’m always checking up on the Bundesliga news. I’ve got some Apps and I go online for the latest. What kind of a reputation does the Bundesliga have on the tennis circuit?

Tommy Haas: Nowadays, the Bundesliga is one of the best leagues in Europe. The clubs have improved a great deal and are now doing well in the Champions League. You can never write off German clubs. I talk about football most with the Spaniards. They’re all football crazy and they’re the best people to talk to about football.

Interview by Tobias Gonscherowski