Makiadi: "Hats off to Freiburg"

Düsseldorf - SC Freiburg did everything but get a goal in their 0-0 draw at Fortuna Düsseldorf on Saturday afternoon and while they are not the first to fail to breach the Bundesliga newcomers' defence, they did get everything else right, according to an optimistic .

The 28-year-old midfielder, who has made 104 Bundesliga appearances for the club since joining in 2009, believes three consectuive games without defeat is a firm foundation for Freiburg to build on.

bundesliga.com Mr. Makiadi, is the 0-0 draw one point gained or two points lost?

Cedrick Makiadi: If you look at the way we played in our one previous away game in Leverkusen, then you could say it is a point gained.

bundesliga.com What was the problem in Düsseldorf?

Makiadi: We played against a side who had not conceded a single goal all season and who are compact, sit deep and keep things tight, waiting for chances on the counter attack. It is tough to break down such a team because you can't just go out there trying to open them up - you have also got to make sure you don't invite them to counter and lose control of the game, because then you lose. You have got to find the right balance. We tried that, but Fortuna defended well. Therefore, we couldn't get more than a point, but that is okay; we can live with it.

bundesliga.com The first four games have been played and Freiburg have five points in the bank. Are you on course?

Makiadi: We could have had one or two more points. When I think back to the Leverkusen game (lost 2-0), we gave away the three points too lightly there. We have one win and a draw at home, though, and that is okay. We still have to improve our away form, though.

bundesliga.com How hard was it to start afresh this season after such a strong second half to last season?

Makiadi: It wasn't hard. We knew what we would be up against. Lots of opponents under-estimated us during the second half of last season. Now they know our strengths and try to make life hard for us by tightening things up. It is a big challenge for us, but I am confident that we will be as successful again as we were in the second half of last season.

bundesliga.com How happy are you with your own performances this season?

Makiadi: I always try to give it my best for the team in every game. What matters for me is what the coach thinks and not what other people think.

bundesliga.com You now have a midweek match against Werder Bremen before facing Eintracht Frankfurt next weekend - two tough games. Freiburg don't have the best of records against Bremen and have conceded a lot - you could say they are a bogey team for you...

Makiadi: That's not a problem for us. Every game has to be played and we know they are difficult, but we are focusing on the Bremen match first. I don't have a bogey team. We have lost many games against Bremen by a big margin, but the next game has not even started yet so why should we be afraid of them? They are coming to us; we are in good form at home. They are going to have to try and impose themselves and that is not going to be easy for Werder.

bundesliga.com Freiburg's record at home in 2012 is impressive. Not one game has been lost in this calendar year - is that the foundations upon which you can establish yourselves in the Bundesliga?

Makiadi: The foundations don't get laid only in our home games, but also in our away matches, in which we must be confident too. We try to do that, but it is tough. If you look at our side, you must not forget that we have players who nobody knew eight months ago. They were playing in the youth team or in amateur football. Now they are playing in the Bundesliga. We played a great second half of last season and I take my hat off to that. It was also the first time Christian Streich, who has been at the club for so long, was head coach for half of the season. We have got to take our hats off to that too. We are working hard, but it is not easy. We are making the best out of the opportunities we have got.

Interview by Tobias Gonscherowski