Piotr Trochowski played over 250 games in the Bundesliga before joining Spanish side Sevilla FC in June 2011
Piotr Trochowski played over 250 games in the Bundesliga before joining Spanish side Sevilla FC in June 2011

Trochowski: "With Hamburg you're an optimist"

Piotr Trochowksi was a mainstay of the Hamburger SV team for the best part of six seasons, appearing in over 250 games before leaving to join Spanish side Sevilla FC last summer. In an interview, the 36-time Germany international reflects on his enduring connection with his former club, his lasting love of the Bundesliga and the likelihood of a return to German top-flight football.

Question: Piotr Trochowski, you are gearing up for your second season in Spain with Sevilla. Do you still take a strong interest in what is happening in the Bundesliga?

Trochowski: Yes, always. I watch Bundesliga games as often as I can. And of course I keep a special eye out for my old club, Hamburg. I'm eager to see how they will get on this season.

Question: Your old club, like your current one, are going through something of a transition period right now...

Trochowski: Yes, and it can be quite a difficult time. You saw how tough last season was for Hamburg. But on the other hand, it's a great feeling to have a new beginning and then follow that up with success. Borussia Mönchengladbach are a fine example of that. In 2010/11 they just managed to avoid relegation, and then last season they started off brilliantly.

Question: Do you think that Hamburg will turn the corner and improve on last season?

Trochowski: I'm only on the outside looking in, but I hear things about what the club is doing from time to time. I think that, with HSV, you have to be an optimist and know that everyone will be working hard to make sure the club avoids a repeat of last season.

Question: Do you still have much contact with HSV?

Trochowski: Yes, especially with Dennis Aogo. And I still have a good relationship with many of the club employees.

Question: Can you see yourself returning to the Bundesliga?

Trochowski: I still have three years to run on my contract with Sevilla. Things are very different here compared to the Bundesliga, but I am happy. We play a different kind of football here, but it really is a lot of fun and I'm enjoying it. At the moment I have no plans to move anywhere.

Question: But Germany would be an option?

Trochowski: I wouldn't rule it out. I'm 28 years old and hopefully I can carry on playing for a good few years yet. As long as I'm fit and healthy, then perhaps something may happen.

Question: What do you make of the Bundesliga title race this season?

Trochowski: I think Bayern Munich will not want another year without a trophy and there is a lot riding on their season. But Borussia Dortmund are also favourites. I suspect it will be a two-horse race between them.

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