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Sebastian Schonlau
German de
25 years
185 cm
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Sebastian Schonlau was born on 5 August 1994 in Warburg and plays for SC Paderborn 07. He played for Sportfreunde Warbung 08 from 2006-2007, for SC Paderborn 07 from 2007-2010, for Sportfreunde Warbung 08 from 2010-2012, for SC Paderborn 07 from 2012-2014, for SC Verl from 2014-2015 and has played for SC Paderborn 07 since 2015.

Current season 2019/20

In the current season, the player with the shirt number 13 has scored two goals and takes sixth place within his squad. He shares this rank with Klaus Gjasula, Kai Pröger and Cauly Oliveira Souza. The 1.85m-tall defender was in the starting line-up in all previous 23 games of the season. Of these, he won four games with his club.

His pass success rate is 91.71 per cent, which yields Sebastian Schonlau the leading position in the team-internal statistics for this category. His tackle success rate amounts to 62.23 per cent. In the league ranking for this category, he is sixth-best with this result.

Last game

Sebastian Schonlau played his last game on the 29th matchday of the 2019/20 season (31 May 2020). Playing for SC Paderborn 07, he lost against Borussia Dortmund 1-6. He played as a midfielder throughout this entire game. In terms of total touches, Sebastian Schonlau had 65 individual ball possessions. Furthermore, he had 25 tackle challenges in the last match. Of these, he was able to win 13. He was additionally able to make 44 successful passes – the best performance within his club for this game. During his total playing time in this game, he ran 11.7 km and thus covered a longer distance than all other players in the game. In doing so, he had a total of seven sprints.

Bundesliga career and records

Sebastian Schonlau has played 23 matches in the course of his career in the Bundesliga. Of these, he has won four. He has played all the matches of his career in the Bundesliga as a member of SC Paderborn 07. Here, the 25-year-old has put a total of two balls in the net.