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André Miguel Valente da Silva | Playerprofile

André Miguel Valente da Silva
Portuguese pt
25 years
184 cm
4 hours ago

André Silva was born on 6 November 1995 in Baguim do Monte and plays for Eintracht Frankfurt. He played for SC Salgueiros Porto from 2003-2007, for Boavista FC Porto from 2007-2008, for SC Salgueiros Porto from 2008-2010, for Padroense FC from 2010-2011, for FC Porto from 2011-2017, for AC Mailand from 2017-2018, for Sevilla FC from 2018-2019, for AC Mailand from 2019-2019 and has played for Eintracht Frankfurt since 2019.

Current season 2020/21

In this season, the player with the shirt number 33 has already scored 19 goals, which puts him in the second position on the league's scorer list. With two assists, he presently has the fourth-most in his team along with Djibril Sow, Bas Dost and Amin Younes. In total, the 1.84m-tall forward has taken 79 shots at goal and therefore fought his way to second place in the league-wide statistics. Until now, he has been responsible for 20 passes to a shot and has therefore earned himself fourth place within the statistics of his club. He was in the starting line-up in all previous 21 games of the season. Of these, he won 10 games with his club.

André Silva has shot six penalty kicks this season, occupying, together with Robert Lewandowski (FC Bayern München), first place in the league ranking.

Bundesliga career and records

André Silva has played 46 matches in the course of his career in the Bundesliga. Of these, he has won 18. He has played all the matches of his career in the Bundesliga as a member of Eintracht Frankfurt. Here, André Silva has put a total of 31 balls in the net. With a total of 31 goals in his Bundesliga career so far, he presently takes 30th place on the active scoring chart.