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RB Leipzig and USA international Tyler Adams has some serious career goals in mind. - © 2019 DFL
RB Leipzig and USA international Tyler Adams has some serious career goals in mind. - © 2019 DFL

"I want to win the Bundesliga, Champions League and World Cup" – RB Leipzig and USA star Tyler Adams


RB Leipzig and USMNT midfielder Tyler Adams is dreaming big, now that he has established himself in the Bundesliga.

“When people ask me what I dream of, I dream of winning championships,” 20-year-old Adams told DAZN. “I want to win the Bundesliga, I want to win the Champions League, I want to win the World Cup."

Adams might just realise his lofty objectives. Despite only arriving at Leipzig in January, the former New York Red Bulls prodigy has proven himself to be a top-level operator. His 10 Bundesliga appearances so far have produced just one defeat, on the final day of the season against Werder Bremen, while he went unbeaten in his first nine – starting and finishing six of them in defensive midfield.

Tyler Adams has been a dominant force in the Leipzig midield since arriving last winter. - imago/Moritz Müller

For incoming Leipzig head coach Julian Nagelsmann – renowned for his ability to take players up a level – Adams is the perfect student.

“He’s already watched me and told me that he is happy to train me,” the 10-time USA international said of his first meaningful conversation with the former Hoffenheim strategist.

“We talked about the future, and it's going to be incredibly exciting to be coached by a great coach like him soon. It’s definitely exciting to have a coach that’s coming in that already has faith in you and has watched you. He plays a unique style of play. His attention to detail and how he focuses on each individual player on the pitch and the role that they’re going to play is unlike many coaches in the world.

Julian Nagelsmann (l) will take over as RB Leipzig head coach from Ralf Rangnick (r) this summer. - imago/Jan Huebner

“There’s a lot we have to improve on, there are ways we can develop as players and as a team. But I think having a coach like him here will make a huge impact on the team.”

Adams missed out on playing in the UEFA Europa League with Leipzig last season, but will be a part of the club’s second campaign in the UEFA Champions League in 2019/20. Under Ralf Rangnick, the club finished third behind Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund to confirm their spot directly into the group stage of the competition.

Watch: Adams' stunning assist for Yussuf Poulsen vs. Hertha (from 1:16)!

It’s the dream scenario for the New York native, playing at a club with highly talented, young and motivated players, set to be coached by one of the world’s brightest minds. All of which is allowing him to begin working towards winning the titles that every footballer dreams of growing up, himself included.

“My biggest wish is to win the Bundesliga title here one day,” Adams said. “I also want to leave my mark on the Champions League. Seeing what Ajax did last season, we can do the same.

“I think that’s the most important thing for me, that I’m at a club that can provide me with those opportunities. Football makes me happy and I want to follow my dreams.”

Those dreams apply to his budding international career, too. Having missed out on the 2019 CONCACAF Gold Cup this summer due to injury, Adams is already looking ahead to the USA’s 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying campaign and beyond, with the Stars and Stripes set to co-host the event with Canada and Mexico in 2026.

“We have a World Cup coming in 2022 so qualifying for that is obviously very important,” Adams explained. “Those are my long-term plans, for sure. All these things, all these championships that you could possibly win – I want to win them.”