Joshua Kimmich, Jude Bellingham and the Bundesliga's top 5 distance runners in 2022


Joshua Kimmich and Jude Bellingham have run their socks off this past year. bundesliga.com reveals where they rank among the German top flight's distance runners in 2022...

5) Christian Günter (Freiburg, 210.7 miles/339.1km)

Freiburg captain Günter has missed just 35 minutes of Bundesliga action in the whole of 2022, and there is little wonder that head coach Christian Streich relies so heavily on the reliable 29-year-old. The left full-back supplied five assists and one goal at the tail end of last season, and he has added a further assist this term to help lift the Baden-Württemberg side to a remarkable second place at the turn of the year. Günter is not actually in the top 10 for players who have covered the most ground in the 2022/23 season so far, but his stamina in the second half of last term sees him rank fifth overall for distance covered in 2022.

Christian Günter has covered many a mile as Freiburg captain. - Alex Grimm/Getty Images

4) Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund, 215.5 miles/346.8km)

He does not turn 20 until halfway through 2023, yet Jude Bellingham has already covered some of the most blades of grass in the Bundesliga in just a short period of time. His relevance as Dortmund's dynamo can be seen in the fact that he missed just five minutes of Bundesliga action over the course of the year. Only RB Leipzig defender Willi Orban - who did not miss a minute - saw more action than the England midfielder. Over the course of the first 15 matchdays of 2022/23, Bellingham ranks sixth for distance covered. The ground he covered over the final 17 matches of last season, however, takes him into fourth in the 2022 rankings.

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3) Anthony Losilla (Bochum, 217.1 miles/349.3km)

What is most remarkable about nearly 350 kilometres covered by Anthony Losilla is the fact that he missed just one of a potential 32 Bundesliga fixtures in 2022 due to illness. Over the first 15 games of the current season, he ranks third league-wide and led by example as Bochum avoided relegation last term. The Frenchman wears his heart on his sleeve and was a major stabilising influence on the team. He has not stopped running this term either, defending third place in the overall distance ranking for 2022.

2) Maximilian Arnold (Wolfsburg, 220.8 miles/355.4km)

With 300 Bundesliga appearances to his name, Maximilian Arnold is Wolfsburg's record holder in that category. That includes all 32 games he could possibly have played in 2022. It stands to reason, then, that he had the chance to put in the miles, and he finished second to Kimmich for distance covered in 2021/22. He is fifth in the current season's ranking, making for a total of 220.8 miles over the calendar year. Arnold became Wolfsburg captain this season and the 28-year-old has scored three goals and supplied two assists so far. He has done that from a deep-lying midfield position, which he shares with the man who has run the most this year…

Maximilian Arnold has gone a long, long way with Wolfsburg - literally - to become the player with the most appearances in the club's history. - Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

1) Joshua Kimmich (Bayern Munich, 236.4 miles/380.5km)

The Bayern No.6 leads the ranking by a distance. He covered over 15 miles more than his nearest rival over the course of 32 games - or half a mile more per match. The 27-year-old Germany midfielder led the ranking in the second half of the 2021/22 season and is the leader once again over the first 15 games of 2022/23.

Predominantly positioned just in front of the defence of the record champions, Kimmich is strong in the tackle and precise with his passing, and if those attributes were not enough already, he has scored two and set up a further three goals for Bayern this season.

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