The rule of five substitutions per game is now permanently anchored in the DFL match regulations. - © DFL / Getty Images / Alex Grimm
The rule of five substitutions per game is now permanently anchored in the DFL match regulations. - © DFL / Getty Images / Alex Grimm

Substitutions, match postponements, transfer window: What's new in the Bundesliga in 2022/23?


The Bundesliga kicks off its 60th season when Eintracht Frankfurt host Bayern Munich on Matchday 1 of 2022/23 on Friday 5 August, bringing with it several new changes compared to previous campaigns. outlines what’s new…


As a result of the pandemic, it became possible for teams to make use of five substitutions per match for the first time. This temporary measure has now become a permanent one, anchored in the match regulations and with no time limit set for it. That means that teams can continue to make five changes per game spread over three substitution intervals, not including half-time.

Match postponements

The 36 clubs making up the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 have also adopted a revision of the regulations regarding the postponement of games due to illness or injury. As such, any request for a match to be rescheduled can only be considered if the club in question has at least 25 registered players on its list of eligible players.

More youngsters, such as Bayern Munich's 16-year-old Paul Wanner, could get more minutes in the Bundesliga this season with five substitutions here to stay. - Sebastian Widmann/Getty Images

Requests can only be granted if the club has less than 14 registered players or reserve-team/contracted players eligible to play.

Players who are suspended or sidelined with injuries that are typical for the profession will continue to count as “available”. In future, however, this will no longer apply to injured players who, at the time of application, possess medical certificates attesting to their incapacity to work for a total period of at least 20 days.

Transfer window

The 2022/23 summer transfer window has been extended for a day, up to and including Thursday 1 September 2022. In so doing it has been adapted to match the transfer windows of other top European leagues in order to prevent Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 clubs from being disadvantaged on the transfer market.

Match ball

As ever, there will be a new match ball in play for the 2022/23 campaign. Official match ball provider DERBYSTAR has created the "Bundesliga Brillant APS", introducing striking new design that pays homage to football fans, with multi-coloured silhouettes of supporters holding scarves and flags adorning the ball's panels.

DERBYSTAR has provided the official match ball of the Bundesliga, Bundesliga 2 and the Supercup since the 2018/19 season as part of a cooperation agreement with the DFL that runs until 2026.

Watch: A closer look at the new DERBYSTAR match ball

Special pandemic regulation

A special pandemic regulation has also been adopted. This allows a club to request a match to be postponed if at least 11 of the registered players on their list of eligible players are in isolation due to an infection, or are in quarantine as a contact person of infected persons, and therefore do not count as being available. Any such application must be accompanied by appropriate medical certificates.