FIFA 23 out now with even more realistic Bundesliga players


The wait for millions of football fans is finally over as EA Sports’ eagerly anticipated FIFA 23 has finally been released on 30 September 2022.

And it’s the most authentic game yet in the FIFA series. A total of 173 Starhead players from the Bundesliga make playing an almost life-like experience.

A total of 12 Bundesliga teams took part in the Starhead tour, where the latest camera technology took detailed photos of 173 players. It means the likes of Marco Reus, Christopher Nkunku and Florian Wirtz will look even more realistic on the game. FIFA 23 is all about authenticity and includes 22 exact replicas of stadiums across the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2.

Finer details and a more realistic playing experience is what the latest edition is going for. New features mean more drama and the atmosphere going to another level. New gameplay features mean a more authentic football experience. New animations and playing mechanics allow a more natural variety of football to bring the game even closer to the real world.

And for all Bundesliga fans, there’s a further treat as you can individualise your FIFA 23 cover for free!