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New head-to-head mode now available in Bundesliga Fantasy Manager


Do you want to compete directly against your friends in Official Bundesliga Fantasy Manager? Well, now you can thanks to the new head-to-head mode!

Allow bundesliga.com to explain how it works...

Play the new head-to-head mode in Fantasy now!

Not content with getting the better of your friends and colleagues in normal league mode? Show them who's boss with our latest Fantasy feature.

Head-to-head mode has just been made available, allowing you compete directly against a fellow player on every matchday. This new game mode is only available in the official Bundesliga Fantasy App. In order to play head-to-head, simply download the latest version of the Bundesliga Fantasy Manager app and follow the instructions below.

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How does head-to-head mode work?

A minimum of four players are required, so first up you need to get choosing. After that, decide whether you want to play head-to-head mode in a league format, in a league format followed by knockout rounds or in a straight knockout format only.

In the league format, whoever scores more points with their Fantasy team against their designated opponent on a given matchday receives three points for the win; the loser does not get any points. If both managers’ teams earn the same number of Fantasy points, each player receives one point. The head-to-head points are transferred directly into a table.

If you opt to play using the knockout system, the respective loser is eliminated (depending on whether it is a knockout mode with one or two legs).

It is important to note that you do not need a new Fantasy squad to use head-to-head mode; simply use your existing team. You can decide in advance when, for how long and with how many participants you want to play head-to-head mode.

If you are unable to fill all the slots, byes will be used to determine who wins or moves on to the knockout round.