How do you best build a Bundesliga Fantasy squad? - © DFL
How do you best build a Bundesliga Fantasy squad? - © DFL

Fantasy Bundesliga: How to pick your squad


Fantasy Bundesliga gives you the chance to prove you’re a Bundesliga expert, but there are a few rules you have to be aware of as you build your squad for the new season. guides you through the process...

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First things first, you begin with an initial budget of 150M to assemble a squad, which must consist of 15 players.

Your squad must be made up of:

  • 2 goalkeepers
  • 5 defenders
  • 5 midfielders
  • 3 forwards

Remember! It is easy to blow your budget on just a handful of players and not have enough funds left to complete your squad, which is why it is wise to focus on one or two players per position who you really want in your squad, no matter what the price, and then use the filters to find players within certain price parameters.

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Want inspiration? This is the best possible XI based on points from 2022/23. - DFL

Each Bundesliga player is assigned a market value at the start of the season, based largely on previous performance, but also predicting the performance of new arrivals, for example. Needless to say, the higher the player's market value, the more points they are predicted to pick up!

Ahead of 2023/24, there will also be players who are new to the Bundesliga on sale, discounted 10% from their starting price. There's a potential risk of the unknown, but it may help your budget.

Study the list of available players carefully before bringing your squad together, and remember: each registered manager can only have one squad. Any additional squads will be deleted.

Picking your starting XI

When your squad is complete, you have to name 11 players for your starting team. 

Players can only be deployed in their nominated positions. A midfielder therefore cannot play in defence or attack, for example.

The position assigned to a player in Official Bundesliga Fantasy will stand for the entirety of the season. The position they actually play in for real Bundesliga matches is not relevant to points scoring. The accumulation of points for a specific player is based on their assigned position in the Official Fantasy Bundesliga game.

Remember! A defender or midfielder who scores a goal or provides an assist earns more points than a forward, which is why a player who plays in a more attacking position in real life but is a defender in Official Fantasy Bundesliga could be a good source of points.

The goalkeeper question is also one that can leave managers a bit unsure. They are often less likely to pick up big points, and aren't eligible for star player bonuses, so you might decide to save budget in this position. But over the course of the season, a good goalkeeper can bring you 150+ points. History has shown that the table is not usually a good indication of points in Fantasy when it comes to keepers. Yes, clean sheets are good, but you'll often find goalkeepers at teams down the table - those forced into making more saves (and saves = points in Fantasy) - are much better value over 34 matchdays.

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