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Vote for your Fair Play Moment of the Season, presented by Milka!


A champion of sportsmanship, the Bundesliga needs your help to crown its Fair Play Moment of the 2023/24 Season, presented by Milka...

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"Fair play is what sport is really about. If you don't act fairly, your success isn't worth anything," said Bundesliga legend Philipp Lahm, explaining the Fair Play campaign. "It simply shows that you understand the rules, that you stick to them, that you respect boundaries, that you treat your opponents in the right way - and also the referee. That's all extremely important and it shows fair play."

Lahm has selected six fair play moments for fans, clubs and experts to vote on. Supporter votes have the biggest share in the poll (40 percent). Experts and club each contribute 30 percent to the final result of the vote.

Vote for your Fair Play Moment of the Season!

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The candidates

1) Timo Becker (Holstein Kiel)

Timo Becker was in the thick of things as Kiel took an important step towards promotion on Matchday 32 in Bundesliga 2. At one stage, the Holstein right-back went to ground following an aerial challenge in the area - except he wasn't looking for a penalty. "'You didn't hit me. It was just how I came down'," Becker told his opponent after the game. "I just believe that no matter where you are and what happens, you should always be fair in sport. Karma comes back to haunt you, if you don't. I'd rather be fair." And so it proved as Becker went on to score the only goal of the game.

2) Patrick Ittrich & Mainz

Referees are usually given a watching brief in football matches, getting involved as little as possible. That is until a player’s life is potentially at risk, as Patrick Ittrich showed when he stepped in to administer first aid to an unconscious Josuha Guilavogui in Mainz's meeting with Bayern Munich on Matchday 25. The game was 33 minutes old at the Allianz Arena, when Ittrich sprang into action. Guilavogui had just collided with teammate Anthony Caci’s knee and was instantly knocked out. The referee, who is a police officer by profession, immediately recognised the gravity of the situation, as did fellow Mainz player Nadiem Amiri. Amiri rolled Guilavogui over into the recovery position, but the Frenchman had swallowed his tongue. Ittrich moved quickly to open up the 33-year-old’s airways and prevent him from potentially suffocating. "If someone’s lying there like that, then you just have to act quickly. There's no praise. It's done - and that's that," emphasised Ittrich after the game.

Watch: Patrick Ittrich and Nadiem Amiri act to save Josuha Guilavogui's life

3) Karlsruher fans

There was an medical emergency in Karlsruher's home game with Hertha Berlin on Matchday 30 in Bundesliga 2 - but in the stands. After failling from the railing, a Karlsruher supporter had to be treated by an emergency doctor in front of the terrace. The KSC fans reacted promptly and passed banners and flags down to shield the situation and give the injured man and the medical staff privacy. The home and away supporters also stopped chanting during the incident. Fortunately, the fan was responsive again when he was taken away.

4) Heidenheim

Heidenheim showed their sportsmanship time and again in their debut Bundesliga season. The new boys relegated Darmstadt on Matchday 31, but rather than celebrate the win, the Heidenheim players instead went round the pitch consoling their crestfallen counterparts. They also held back their celebrations after drawing with top-seven rivals Freiburg, out of respect for oppositon head coach Christian Streich, who was overseeing his final home game for the club. Players and coaches paid their respects, whilst fans honoured him with a banner that read, 'Loyalty and honesty - unfortunately a rarity. So long, Christian!'

Heidenheim gave departing Freiburg coach Christian Streich the send-off he deserved. - IMAGO/Eibner-Pressefoto/Wolfgang Frank

5) Jonathan Burkardt (Mainz)

Even the smaller moments warm the heart, such as Jonathan Burkardt prompting the referee to overturn a corner-kick decision initially awarded in his favour in a meeting with Hoffenheim. "I want to stay true to my values and be honest," he said after telling the referee that the ball went behind off him, and not Hoffenheim's Florian Grillitsch. "When the referee asks for my opinion, I'll give the honest answer." Burkardt went on to equalise as Mainz ran out 4-1 winners.

6) Amadou Haidara (RB Leipzig)

Amadou Haidara did something similar against Freiburg, after successfully defending the marauding Vincenzo Grifo. The referee signalled a goal-kick in Leipzig's favour, only to reverse his decision following consultation with Haidara. Even though a Freiburg corner had led to a penalty in the first half, the Mali international was only too happy to own up to touching the ball last.

Vote for your Fair Play Moment of the Season!